In addition to signs, doors, windows and rooftops .... textures is another photo-fetish of mine. So here is a selection of some interesting ones seen on this trip.

(Click on any picture to see larger view)

Bus-Budapest.jpg (71kb) BuildingWall.jpg (15kb) BudapestBuilding17.jpg (27kb) Ceiling-Budapest.jpg (26kb)
CobblestonesCzech1.jpg (44kb) CobblestonesCzech2.jpg (59kb) CobblestonesCzech4.jpg (49kb) CobblestonesCzech5.jpg (75kb)
CobblestonesCzech7.jpg (61kb) CobblestonesCzech9.jpg (56kb) CobblestonesHungary1.jpg (60kb) CubistWall.jpg (30kb)
CutGlass2.jpg (88kb) DetroitAirport1.jpg (44kb) DetroitAirport2.jpg (41kb) EscalatorStep.jpg (31kb)
Fence2.jpg (28kb) HradcanyWall1.jpg (36kb) LibertyBridge4.jpg (14kb) LibertyBridge5.jpg (24kb)
MarketBldg-Budapest.jpg (33kb) MarketBldg-Budapest2.jpg (49kb) OurBudapestApartmentElevator1.jpg (41kb) PierWater2.jpg (25kb)
RoofTiles-Prague.jpg (36kb) RoofTiles=Prague2.jpg (31kb) Subway.jpg (46kb) Wall-Budapest.jpg (35kb)
WroughtIron.jpg (48kb)