At Terezin, north of Prague, is an ancient fortress and a town. The Nazis used the fortress as a prison for those they deemed to be "criminals". These included those Jews who were active in efforts to resist the Nazis. The Germans evacuated the town and then shipped in Jews from all over Czechoslovakia. Prisoners in the Fortress were horribly mistreated, starved, held in very confined cells. Dozens were kept in cells built to contain one person. Thousands of prisoners died of malnutrition and disease, as well as by execution. In the Terezin Ghetto, families were separated into separate buildings for men, for women and for children. The Germans allowed the Jews to organize a community council principally for the purpose of having them select daily the approximately one hundred Jews to be shipped by train to the concentration camps with gas chambers. It is estimated that of Prague's pre-war Jewish population of about 150,000 as many as 80,000 were sent to the gas chambers via the Terezin ghetto. Artificats, including artwork by children, writing, and music are on display at the Jewish Museum in Prague.


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