PEACE RIVER Cruise 2009

In December 2009 we motored south to Punta Gorda, FL where we joined our many boating friends on a short 2 hour cruise up the Peace River. Much fun was had by all.


The photographs below are a distillation of many pictures I tooks. Most of the originals have been cropped and enhanced in one way or another. Additionally, I've REDUCED THE SIZE considerably in order to speed up download time. I will happily share my photos with anyone interested. I'll be glad to send you the full sized originals or any modification thereof.

Enjoy your viewing..... let me know your thoughts...


Captain Bruce

Stowaways ?

Hulk Hogan throws a left jab!

Enough to bring tears to the eyes of all ex-Krogen 42 owners

Walt catches some zzzzz's


Adult beverage time


Canadian Gang colors?

..... and on your left ....

Dori checks out the stash

Chuck never misses a party !

Here's to all the sailors

What wind?

Florida fauna

Our government saving the earth

Did you bring my lunch?

There's got to be one around here somewhere

Secret Agent Man

Whatcha doin' back there Joe?

Plumbing inspection complete


.... and who are these B.O.O.B.'s

in honor of Mom and Aunt

... and then what did she say?

Ya sure, ya betcha!


Almost home

Hmmmmm ?


(click on underlined entries to view photos)

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