Old Town Square is one of the top Prague tourist attractions. Its buildings convey the history of the Square. The Old Town Hall with its Astronomical clock is the focal point, but Tyn Church, Kinsky Palace and several old Inns (called "Houses", e.g. House At The Stone Bell) add considerable color and variety to the architecture.

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Old Town Hall with Astronomical clock (Left), Tyn Church (Right) (28kb) Astronomical clock - Upper is 3 timepieces, lower is calendar (34kb) Clock and Calendar (40kb) Signs of zodiac for months, day of year around circumference (35kb)
Old Bohemian time (begins 24 hours at sunset) & two others (60kb) Cock crows on the hour & Apostles parade past openings (54kb) Apostles on parade (27kb) An Apostle (28kb)
Angel Gabriel (29kb) Figures beside Calendar (26kb) Waiting for clock to strike on the hour (50kb) House At The Stone Ram (31kb)
At The Stone Ram  (30kb) The Stone Ram (34kb) Sgraffito (29kb) Sgraffito describing ancient Greek tales and bacchanals (56kb)
Folk dancing show in the Square (27kb) Dancers (35kb) At The Stone Bell (26kb) Jan Hus Monument before Old Town Hall (17kb)
Jan Hus leader of Hussites against Emperor's Catholics - early 15th century (32kb) Kinsky Palace - Gottwald gave a speech here in 1948 beginning 40 years of Communist rule (29kb) Commemorating liberation of Prague from Nazis by Russian troops (53kb) Buildings near Old Town Square (39kb)
Ministry of Local Development  (32kb) Firefighter statues on building (44kb) Old Council Hall building- 15th century (32kb) Tower was added to a private home in 1364 (26kb)
Old Town Hall shelled by Nazi tank in last days of WW II (26kb) Tower dominates the Square (20kb) Oriel Chapel - windows destroyed at end WW II, replaced 1987 (26kb) 27 Protestant leaders executed by Emperor Ferdinand in 1621 (30kb)
One of several shields mounted on the Old Town Hall walls (22kb) North side of Old Town square (45kb) Tyn Church dominates the Old Town area (33kb) Our Lady Before Tyn (22kb)
Construction begun in 1365, Until 1620 was Protestant Hussite church (32kb) Main entrance (34kb) Frescoe in a niche (38kb) Tyn glows in the setting sun (27kb)
Tyn Church (31kb) Stone Bell, Golden Madonna (28kb) A solid gold Madonna - cast sometime after 1621 (25kb) St Nicholas Church overlooks Jan Hus (34kb)
St Nicholas - here in 2001 we first heard one of my cousins give a concert (46kb) St Nicholas (21kb) St Nicholas (13kb) UnknownBldgOldTownSquareArea.jpg (21kb)
Our Lady before Tyn at night (17kb) Night settles in ...... (22kb)