This village is located just 1.5 km from Kestrany, which in turn is about 10 km southwest of Pisek. it is here that the records of the Pechouseks (which we have located to date) begin . In 1741, Ludmila Pechousek , widow of Tomas, married Pavel Vlach. Because she had inherited the Pechousek farm he took the Pechousek name. It is from these non-Pechouseks we are descended. Three more generations were born in Lhota on the farm at #16 down through my Great great grandfather Vojtech. His father, Frantisek de Paula Vlach Pechousek , took his family to Maly Ujezd, near Melnik sometime around 1820.

In September 2005, cousin Charles located this farm and discovered that it is still owned by the Pechousek family. The current owners are Josef and Miroslav Pechousek ! We do not know his ancestry or connection to the original Pechouseks.

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