Some street lamps present interesting photo subjects, so here are a few taken principally in Prague but with a few from Vienna as well as Budapest,

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CeskyKrumlov1.jpg (20kb) CeskyKrumlovLamp18.jpg (23kb) CeskyKrumlovLamp3.jpg (13kb) HradcanskeNamesti1.jpg (21kb)
HradcanskeNamesti2.jpg (14kb) HradcanskeNamesti6.jpg (27kb) Lamp-Budapest1.jpg (44kb) Lamp-Budapest10.jpg (50kb)
Lamp-Budapest3.jpg (33kb) Lamp-Budapest4.jpg (53kb) Lamp-Budapest5.jpg (11kb) Lamp-Budapest7.jpg (29kb)
Lamp-Budapest9.jpg (25kb) Lamp-ChasrlesBridge7.jpg (10kb) LampsPragueCastle2.jpg (25kb) LampsPragueCastle8.jpg (21kb)
LampVienna1.jpg (36kb) MalaStranaLamp1.jpg (51kb) MalaStranaLamp2.jpg (31kb) MalaStranaLamp3.jpg (25kb)
PragueStreetLamp1.jpg (15kb) PragueStreetLamp3.jpg (30kb) PragueStreetLamp5.jpg (26kb) Prokopska1.jpg (28kb)
RasnovkaLamp1.jpg (23kb) RasnovkaLamp3.jpg (18kb) RasnovkaLamp4.jpg (18kb) SzechenyiBathLamp1.jpg (29kb)
Telc.jpg (44kb)