My grandfather, Joseph James Pehoushek, was an immigrant from what was then the Austro-Hungarian Empire. His grandfather, Vojtech Pechousek, had at least 9 children. Among his descendants is Karel (Charles) Pechousek and his daughters Svetlana and Adela. I visited with Svetlana and her family - husband Zdenek and daughter Tereza as well as with Adela and her husband Viktor and son Martin. Zdenek & Svetlana kindly visited with us in Prague and Zdenek took us on a driving tour of nearby to Prague Pechousek family villages. Charles was a gracious host of Carole and I in his home town of Jindrichuv Hradec in southern Bohemia. One of the several highlights of the visit was a trip to the small village of Lhota u Kestran, near Pisek. Here we met and visited with Josef and Miroslav Pechousek and their mother Marie. They still own the Pechousek family farm in Lhota. This farm dates back at least to the early 1700's in the Pechousek family. Zdenek took Carole and I to Budyne nad Ohri where we saw the old mill owned by Vojtech Pechousek in the 1800's.


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