The Charles Bridge spans the Vltava River from Old Town to the Little Quarter. It too is a top attraction for tourists, being but a short walk from Old Town square. Built in 1357 by King Charles IV. Until 1741 it was the only crossing over the Vltava. There are thirty statues of a variety of Saints lining the rails. Many of them today are copies of the originals which are kept in a museum.

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Sunrise over St. Francis Seraphinus at east end of Charles Bridge (11kb) Daybreak on the Bridge (29kb) The late night revelers are gone.... (25kb) The new day dawns as the statues stand guard (18kb)
The Old Town entrance is ready for the onslaught ... (13kb) and the Vltava River flows on (46kb) St. John the Baptist beckons ... (20kb) and the Vltava flows .... (20kb)
Old Town Bridge Tower is impressive ... (38kb) and the crowds gather ... (31kb) the vendors vend and the pickpockets pick ! (24kb) From the Old Town Tower (33kb)
A view of Mala Strana on the other side (25kb) Junior photographer (29kb) A panoramic view (46kb) playing for lunch money (55kb)
French dancers advertising their show  (50kb) Did you ever wonder about Castle toilets ? (27kb) Mala Strana Bridge Tower (19kb) from inside the Old Town Bridge Tower (15kb)
night arrives (13kb) the crowds retreat .... (22kb) the last of the performers end their show (41kb) and the crowds thin out (27kb)
as night finally arrives (13kb)