Mary (private).

Spouse: Captain Barret DYER-7739. Mary and Captain Barret DYER were married in 1770 or 1771. Children were: Silas DYER-8207, Waity DYER-9230, Nancy DYER-21444, William DYER-21445, Martin DYER-21446.

Mary (private).

Spouse: John David BELL-13435. Mary and John David BELL were married.

Mary died in 1627 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Spouse: William BREWSTER-23385. Mary and William BREWSTER were married. Children were: Love BREWSTER-23384.

Mary died after 13 March 1755.

Spouse: Peregrine WHITE-5025. Mary and Peregrine WHITE were married before 9 June 1696.

Mary died about 7 April 1759 in Stafford, Tolland, Connecticut.

Spouse: Elisha DYER-2923. Mary and Elisha DYER were married.

Mary was born in 1752 in Isle of Skye, Inverness Shire, Scotland. She died on 27 November 1829 at the age of 77 in , Kershaw, South Carolina. She was buried in , Kershaw, South Carolina.

Spouse: Finley MCSWEEN-11476. Mary and Finley MCSWEEN were married in 1776 in Isle of Skye, Inverness Shire, Scotland. Children were: Malcom MCSWEEN-11401, Mary MCSWEEN-11415, Angus MCSWEEN-11413, John C. MCSWEEN-11504.

Mary was born calculated 1821 in Maine, United States.

Spouse: Joseph REDDING-22480. Mary and Joseph REDDING were married. Children were: Burnham REDDING-22646.

Mary was born about 1826 in England, United Kingdom.

Spouse: Thomas CLARKSON-914. Mary and Thomas CLARKSON were married. Children were: Harriet CLARKSON-906.

Mary was born in 1837. She died in 1900 at the age of 63. She was buried in Clarence Township, Calhoun, Michigan, United States.

Spouse: Nelson DYER-9901. Mary and Nelson DYER were married.

Mary was born calculated 1838.

Spouse: Nicholas VAN SLYK-18611. Mary and Nicholas VAN SLYK were married. Children were: Amelia VAN SLYK-18663.

Mary was born calculated 1838 in Prussia.

Spouse: John HANZLICK-25679. Mary and John HANZLICK were married. Children were: Frank C. HANZLICK-254.

Mary was born calculated 1840 in England, United Kingdom.

Spouse: David A. CHRISTMAN-17586. Mary and David A. CHRISTMAN were married. Children were: Abram CHRISTMAN-24642.

Mary was born calculated 1845 in California, United States.

Spouse: Orrington Stephen DYER-21500. Mary and Orrington Stephen DYER were married. Children were: Martha DYER-22665, George DYER-22666.

Mary was born calculated 1861 in California, United States.

Spouse: Adam H. CHRISTMAN-4499. Mary and Adam H. CHRISTMAN were married.

Mary was born calculated 1881 in North Dakota, United States.

Spouse: Augustin FILIPEK-255. Mary and Augustin FILIPEK were married. Children were: Estella FILIPEK-24635, Thomas FILIPEK-24636, Rosa FILIPEK-24637.

Mary Ann (private).

Spouse: George W GIBBS-15550. Mary Ann and George W GIBBS were married. Children were: Ann Eliza FISH-15543.

Mary Ann was born in 1823 or 1826 in New Brunswick, Canada. She died after 1880 at the age of 57.

Spouse: Sewall HILL-13841. Mary Ann and Sewall HILL were married after 1860. Children were: George F. HILL-21985.

Spouse: Solomon PYLE-21977. Mary Ann and Solomon PYLE were married. Children were: Charles L. PYLE-21978.

Mary Belle was born calculated 1856.

Spouse: Frank E DAY-7671. Mary Belle and Frank E DAY were married. Children were: Clare Belle DAY-15620.

Mary C. was born calculated 1890 in Washington, United States. She was buried in Vashon, King, Washington, United States.

Spouse: Ward D. "Tim" CLARKE-19475. Mary C. and Ward D. "Tim" CLARKE were married about 1909. Children were: Irene CLARKE-19489, Lois CLARKE-19490, Ward CLARKE Junior-19491.

Mary D was born calculated 1820. She died in April 1844 at the age of 24 in Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland, Maine, United States.

Spouse: Alfred DYER-4860. Mary D and Alfred DYER were married about 1841.

Mary E. was born calculated 1831 in Maine, United States.

Spouse: Otis Augustus REDDING-22482. Mary E. and Otis Augustus REDDING were married. Children were: George M. REDDING-22644.

Mary Elisabeth died after 1734.

Spouse: Nicholas FELLER-17536. Mary Elisabeth and Nicholas FELLER were married. Children were: Johan Philip FELLER-21185, Catherine FELLER-19210, Margaretha FELLER-17251, Mary Elisabeth FELLER-19211, Catharine FELLER-21186.

Mary Isabel was born.

Spouse: George Edward DEWOLFE-14858. Mary Isabel and George Edward DEWOLFE were married on 1 February 1941.

Mary Isabel died after May 1919.

Spouse: James DINSMORE-15097. Mary Isabel and James DINSMORE were married. Children were: James Willard DINSMORE-14861.

Mary Jane (private).

Spouse: Harry CHRISTMAN-17750. Mary Jane and Harry CHRISTMAN were married. Children were: Mark CHRISTMAN-17752, Marlene CHRISTMAN-17753, Janene CHRISTMAN-17754.

Mary Jo (private). Parents: Clarence William THIEDE-700 and Ruth I. BOYINGTON-25566.

Mary L (private).

Spouse: Henry B DYER-7092. Mary L and Henry B DYER were married.

Maryanna has reference number 309.

Spouse: Mathias CIKLA-25641. Maryanna and Mathias CIKLA were married. Children were: Paula CIKLA-25684.

Maryanna was born on 24 February 1813 in Pelejovice, Trebon, Bohemia, Czech Republic. Parents: Katerina CIKLA-26019.

Mason James was born on 21 December 2001. Parents: Todd Alan -23895 and Flo KALLESTAD-23915.

Mateda E was born calculated 1823.

Spouse: Virgil DYER-2077. Mateda E and Virgil DYER were married.

Matthew (private).

Spouse: Anita Kay BUTLER-19817. Anita Kay BUTLER and Matthew were married. Children were: Summer Dawn -19906.

Mattie was born in 1871 in Minnesota, United States.

Spouse: Eliakim Hudson DOUGHERTY-718. Mattie and Eliakim Hudson DOUGHERTY were married.

Mavis (private).

Spouse: Robert STRIEGL-850. Mavis and Robert STRIEGL were married. Children were: Robert STRIEGL Junior-854, Connie STRIEGL-855, Keith STRIEGL-856.

May L. was born on 12 May 1934.

Spouse: Marvin Joseph PRACHAR-24475. May L. and Marvin Joseph PRACHAR were married on 22 January 1955.

Mechelle (private).

Spouse: Jonothan SPINNEY-21838. Mechelle and Jonothan SPINNEY were married. Children were: Jason SPINNEY-21881, Jonathan SPINNEY-21882.

Mehitable (private).

Spouse: Joseph WHITNEY-5213. Mehitable and Joseph WHITNEY were married. Children were: Hannah WHITNEY-4677.

Mildred (private).

Spouse: Jesse ELY-19637. Mildred and Jesse ELY were married. Children were: Robert J. ELY-19636.

Millie (private).

Spouse: Charles LINK-18731. Millie and Charles LINK were married.

Molly (private).

Spouse: Solomon DYER III-6210. Molly and Solomon DYER III were married.

Monica was born about 1970. Parents: Pavel -245 and Tamara PECHOUŠKOVA-241.

Monte was born on 29 August.

Spouse: Charles Francis CALLAHAN III-20650. Monte and Charles Francis CALLAHAN III were married. Children were: Morgan Douglas CALLAHAN-20655, Alexander Barrett "Bubba" CALLAHAN-20656.

Myrna (private).

Spouse: David IVERSON-502. Myrna and David IVERSON were married. Children were: Dawn IVERSON-512, Mark IVERSON-513, Faith IVERSON-514, Pamila IVERSON-515.

Nancy (private).

Spouse: Caleb Anthony DYER-1552. Nancy and Caleb Anthony DYER were married.

Nancy (private).

Spouse: Carlton CHRISTMAN Junior-17860. Nancy and Carlton CHRISTMAN Junior were married. Children were: Heather CHRISTMAN-17862, Richard "Richie" CHRISTMAN-17863.

Nancy (private).

Spouse: William F. CHRISTMAN-17572. Nancy and William F. CHRISTMAN were married before 1813. Children were: Elizabeth CHRISTMAN-17887, Anthony CHRISTMAN-17888, Abel CHRISTMAN-17889, Christopher CHRISTMAN-17890, Florence CHRISTMAN-17891, Jacob CHRISTMAN-17892, Morris CHRISTMAN-17893, Ann CHRISTMAN-17894.

Nancy (private).

Spouse: Nicholas NOVAK-24503. Nancy and Nicholas NOVAK were married. Children were: Alexander NOVAK-24505.

Nancy died in 1873. She was buried in South Gorham, Cumberland, Maine, United States.

Spouse: Timothy HODSDON-5227. Nancy and Timothy HODSDON were married. Children were: Sarah A HODSDON-5234.

Nancy Anna was born in 1788. She was also known as Polly.

Spouse: Adam CHRISTMAN-17568. Nancy Anna and Adam CHRISTMAN were married before 1809. Children were: Mary CHRISTMAN-17577, Abraham CHRISTMAN-17578, William CHRISTMAN-17579, Nancy Ann CHRISTMAN-21132, Cynthia CHRISTMAN-21133, Sarah CHRISTMAN-21134.

Nancy Mary was born on 31 July 1914. She died on 6 April 1992 at the age of 77 in Concord,Cabarrus,North Carolina.

Spouse: Jasper Bell "Jap" KIMBRELL-19629. Nancy Mary and Jasper Bell "Jap" KIMBRELL were married.