Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Stephen HOPKINS-4507. Elizabeth and Stephen HOPKINS were married before 1620. Children were: Damaris HOPKINS-14212.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Simon Augustus RICH-14347. Elizabeth and Simon Augustus RICH were married.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: James DYER-2170. Elizabeth and James DYER were married in 1696. Children were: Charles DYER-21392, Freelove DYER-2171.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: John BRYANT-15655. Elizabeth and John BRYANT were married. Children were: Martha BRYANT-11885.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Heinrich CHRISTMAN-17324. Elizabeth and Heinrich CHRISTMAN were married. Children were: Elizabeth CHRISTMAN-17332.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Frederick CHRISTMAN-18038. Elizabeth and Frederick CHRISTMAN were married. Children were: Jacob CHRISTMAN-18040.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: William PARKER-18381. Elizabeth and William PARKER were married. Children were: James W PARKER-10085.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Anthony EAMES-24227. Elizabeth and Anthony EAMES were married.

Elizabeth has reference number 311.

Spouse: Ventzel PAVLIČEK-26017. Elizabeth and Ventzel PAVLIČEK were married. Children were: Marianny PAVLIČEK-25685.

Elizabeth died after 1687.

Spouse: James EMERY-4742. Elizabeth and James EMERY were married. Children were: Zachariah EMERY-4746, Noah EMERY-4747, Daniel EMERY-4748, Job EMERY-4749, Elizabeth EMERY-4750, Sarah EMERY-4751, James EMERY-2181.

Elizabeth died on 12 April 1718 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts.

Spouse: Jonathan WHITE-5026. Elizabeth and Jonathan WHITE were married.

Elizabeth died in 1832 in Queensbury, York, New Brunswick, Canada.

Spouse: Henry GREEN Senior-6927. Elizabeth and Henry GREEN Senior were married about 1805.

Elizabeth was born about 1544. She died on 27 March 1614 at the age of 70.

Spouse: Robert TILLEY-14219. Elizabeth and Robert TILLEY were married about 1570 in Henlow, Bedfordshire, England. Children were: John TILLEY-14195.

Elizabeth was born estimated 1789.

Spouse: John Lewis MITCHELL-1061. Elizabeth and John Lewis MITCHELL were married. Children were: Isobel MITCHELL-5632, George MITCHELL-5631.

Elizabeth was born calculated 1816 in New Brunswick, Canada.

Spouse: Atkins Perry SCOTT-15643. Elizabeth and Atkins Perry SCOTT were married. Children were: William SCOTT-22656, Emma S. SCOTT-22657, Sarah E. SCOTT-22658, Mary SCOTT-22659, daughter SCOTT-22660.

Elizabeth E was born in 1859 in Canada. She died in 1935 at the age of 76 in Bethel, Anoka, Minnesota.

Spouse: Howard Roger RIDGE-412. Elizabeth E and Howard Roger RIDGE were married. Children were: Curtis C RIDGE-887.

Elka (private).

Spouse: Daniel Roger NELSON-13324. Elka and Daniel Roger NELSON were married. Children were: Ipo Nikolai NELSON-13326.

Ellen (private).

Spouse: SMITH-15160. Ellen and SMITH were married. Children were: Phyllis SMITH-15062.

Ellen was born in 1836. She died in 1899 at the age of 63.

Spouse: Uriah CHRISTMAN-17458. Ellen and Uriah CHRISTMAN were married.

Elmira G. was born calculated 8 February 1823. She died on 8 October 1852 at the age of 29. She was buried in Millbridge, Washington, Maine.

Spouse: James Yeaton DYER-6596. Elmira G. and James Yeaton DYER were married. Children were: Almira DYER-6594, Rufus DYER-6707.

Elsie (private).

Children were: John M. MELBERG-20648.

Elvira (private).

Spouse: Charles E DOUGHERTY-5084. Elvira and Charles E DOUGHERTY were married.

Elvira (private).

Spouse: Robert LIPINSKI-19861. Elvira and Robert LIPINSKI were married. Children were: James M. LIPINSKI-19860.

Emilie (private).

Spouse: Jerry LEE-19920. Emilie and Jerry LEE were married. Children were: Telzey Linnea LEE-19919.

Emma (private).

Spouse: William CHRISTMAN-17733. Emma and William CHRISTMAN were married. Children were: William CHRISTMAN Junior-17735.

Emma L. was born calculated 1855 in Michigan, United States. She died after 3 April 1918 at the age of 63.

Spouse: Wheeler D. DYER-22509. Emma L. and Wheeler D. DYER were married. Children were: Francis DYER-24578, Oscar DYER-24579.

Esther (private).

Spouse: Jacob CHRISTMAN-17402. Esther and Jacob CHRISTMAN were married.

Esther (private).

Spouse: Isaac CHRISTMAN-17958. Esther and Isaac CHRISTMAN were married. Children were: George I. CHRISTMAN-17960.

Esther (private).

Spouse: Leonard ANDERSON-19079. Esther and Leonard ANDERSON were married.

Esther L. was born calculated 1836 in Maine, United States. She died in 1913 at the age of 77. She was buried in Hopkinton, Delaware, Iowa, United States.

Spouse: Amaziah NASH-21590. Esther L. and Amaziah NASH were married. Children were: George W. NASH-21592, Everett NASH-21593, Sewall A. NASH-21594, Martha NASH-21595.

Ethel was born estimated 1900.

Spouse: Sigmund F STRIEGL-668. Ethel and Sigmund F STRIEGL were married.

Etta (private).

Spouse: James BELL-13434. Etta and James BELL were married.

Etta was born about 1856.

Spouse: Frank E. FAY-18192. Etta and Frank E. FAY were married. Children were: Gracie FAY-18194.

Etta Jane was born in March 1859 in Wisconsin, United States.

Spouse: Hugh HAMILTON-22428. Etta Jane and Hugh HAMILTON were married calculated 1880. Children were: Robert H. HAMILTON-22445, Grace Blanche HAMILTON-22430, Samuel R. HAMILTON-22431.

Etta M was born on 15 June 1869 in Elk River, Sherburne, Minnesota, United States.

Spouse: Arthur C SMITH-801. Etta M and Arthur C SMITH were married on 24 June 1896 in Saint Cloud, Stearns, Minnesota, United States. Children were: Agnes M COOPER-11974, Captain Robert A COOPER-11975, Doctor Randall E COOPER-11976, George C COOPER-11977, John E COOPER-11978.

Etta Maud died in 1959. She was buried in Doaktown, New Brunswick, Canada.

Spouse: Elroy George MITCHELL-7774. Etta Maud and Elroy George MITCHELL were married. Children were: Laura B MITCHELL-7790, Blair Alexander MITCHELL-7776, Jennie MITCHELL-23395.

Eunice (private).

Spouse: William DOWNER-4622. Eunice and William DOWNER were married. Children were: Diana DOWNER-4621.

Eunice (private).

Spouse: John MARINER-6910. Eunice and John MARINER were married. Children were: Eunice MARINER-5399.

Eunice (private).

Spouse: Ebenezer WARREN-7905. Eunice and Ebenezer WARREN were married. Children were: Eunice WARREN-4436, Azubah WARREN-4433.

Eva Catherina (private).

Spouse: Christoph HÜLS-22063. Eva Catherina and Christoph HÜLS were married. Children were: Johan Theobald HÜLS-19224.

Evelyn (private).

Spouse: George CHRISTMAN-17731. Evelyn and George CHRISTMAN were married. Children were: William CHRISTMAN-17733, John CHRISTMAN-17736.

Evelyn (private).

Spouse: Ronald HILL-17808. Evelyn and Ronald HILL were married. Children were: Jimmy HILL-17810.

Evelyn (private).

Spouse: Paul Wilson CHAMBERLAIN-18910. Evelyn and Paul Wilson CHAMBERLAIN were married. Children were: William Andrew CHAMBERLAIN-21663.

Evelyn (private).

Spouse: Lloyd Milton "Jim" ORSBORN-20503. Evelyn and Lloyd Milton "Jim" ORSBORN were married. Children were: ANDERSON-24675, James ANDERSON-24676, Cynthia ANDERSON-24677.

Experience (private).

Spouse: James NASH Ensign-2208. Experience and James NASH Ensign were married. Children were: Hannah NASH-2207.

Flora was born calculated 8 April 1832 in Maine, United States. She died on 10 May 1907 at the age of 75. She was buried in Millbridge, Washington, Maine.

Spouse: James Yeaton DYER-6596. Flora and James Yeaton DYER were married. Children were: Emma DYER-6708, Affa DYER-6709, Eugene DYER-22329.

Florence (private).

Spouse: Walter SMITH-19597. Florence and Walter SMITH were married. Children were: Walter SMITH-19599, Clara Louise SMITH-19600.

Foris (private). Parents: Marika -24494.

Frances (private).

Spouse: Wilson MATCHETT-15927. Frances and Wilson MATCHETT were married. Children were: Hollie MATCHETT-15330.

Frances (private).

Spouse: Charles LINK-18731. Frances and Charles LINK were married.