Franklin Whetstone BIBBINS was born on 8 November 1860 in Beloit,Rock,Wisconsin. He died on 6 March 1941 at the age of 80 in Seattle, King, Washington, United States. He was buried in Vashon, King, Washington, United States. Parents: Adney F. BIBBINS-20517 and Lydia WHETSTONE-20518.

Spouse: Lucy Mae CHRISTMAN-9212. Lucy Mae CHRISTMAN and Franklin Whetstone BIBBINS were married on 8 November 1888 in Vashon, King, Washington, United States. Children were: Adney Lawrence BIBBINS-19480, Claude Warren BIBBINS-19481.

Woodis Enid BIBBINS was born on 29 April 1936. Parents: Claude Warren BIBBINS-19481 and Consuela RAMQUIST-19535.

Spouse: Glenn W. SUNDSTROM-19540. Woodis Enid BIBBINS and Glenn W. SUNDSTROM were married on 24 August 1958. Children were: Tembra Joan SUNDSTROM-19541, Mark Nolan SUNDSTROM-19542, Cynthia Vermay SUNDSTROM-19543, Sherrin Lynn SUNDSTROM-19544, Paul Sheldon SUNDSTROM-19545.

Irene Virginia BIBBY was born on 24 May 1933. She has reference number subject interview.

Spouse: Robert Russell ROSS-16449. Irene Virginia BIBBY and Robert Russell ROSS were married on 17 November 1952.

BICKELL (private).

Spouse: Electa Jennie LINK-18772. Electa Jennie LINK and BICKELL were married. Children were: Florence BICKELL-18773.

Florence BICKELL (private). Parents: BICKELL-18777 and Electa Jennie LINK-18772.

Spouse: MCLARNEY-18774. Florence BICKELL and MCLARNEY were married. Children were: Catherine MCLARNEY-18775.

Annie BICKFORD (private).

Spouse: James A. CHRISTMAN-17519. Annie BICKFORD and James A. CHRISTMAN were married on 1 January 1891.

Jeremiah BICKFORD (private).

Spouse: Hannah YOUNG-6813. Hannah YOUNG and Jeremiah BICKFORD were married. Children were: Mary BICKFORD-6811.

Mary BICKFORD was born on 19 April 1712 in Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts. Parents: Jeremiah BICKFORD-6812 and Hannah YOUNG-6813.

Spouse: John DYER-2286. Mary BICKFORD and John DYER were married on 11 August 1731 in Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts. Children were: Elizabeth DYER-6817, Christiana DYER-6818, Hannah DYER-6819, John DYER-6820, Bickford DYER-6825, Dorcas DYER-6826, Samuel DYER-6827.

Anna BICKNELL was born in 1786. She died in 1853 at the age of 67.

Spouse: Captain James DYER-2865. Anna BICKNELL and Captain James DYER were married on 15 January 1809. Children were: Samuel Brown DYER-3961, James Bicknell DYER-3960, Nancy Ann B DYER-3962, Mary L DYER-5420, Maria Elizabeth DYER-3963.

Benjamin BICKNELL (private).

Spouse: Susannah HUMPHREY-6773. Susannah HUMPHREY and Benjamin BICKNELL were married. Children were: Susannah BICKNELL-3646.

Edmund BICKNELL (private).

Spouse: Susan Bennett DYER-5418. Susan Bennett DYER and Edmund BICKNELL were married.

Jacob N L BICKNELL was born in 1827 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States. Parents: Lovell BICKNELL-3582 and Rebecca DYER-3560.

Spouse: Eliza J DYER-3572. Eliza J DYER and Jacob N L BICKNELL were married on 1 October 1848 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States.

Lovell BICKNELL (private).

Spouse: Rebecca DYER-3560. Rebecca DYER and Lovell BICKNELL were married on 4 March 1816. Children were: Jacob N L BICKNELL-3583.

Mary BICKNELL was born about 1649 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States. She died on 21 July 1677 at the age of 28. Parents: John DYER-1716 and Mary SHAW-1717.

Spouse: John DYER-1704. Mary BICKNELL and John DYER were married about 1688 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States. Children were: Thomas DYER-1718, John DYER Junior-1719, Thomas DYER-1720, Samuel DYER-1721, Benjamin DYER-1722.

Mary A BICKNELL (private).

Spouse: Chauncey DYER-8146. Mary A BICKNELL and Chauncey DYER were married on 11 June 1914. Children were: Gordon Bicknell DYER-8165, Charlotte Finette DYER-8167.

Polly BICKNELL Mrs. (private).

Spouse: Captain James DYER-2865. Polly BICKNELL Mrs. and Captain James DYER were married on 18 October 1855.

Susannah BICKNELL was born on 13 August 1718 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States. She died in 1798 at the age of 80. Parents: Benjamin BICKNELL-6772 and Susannah HUMPHREY-6773.

Spouse: William DYER-3645. Susannah BICKNELL and William DYER were married on 13 August 1738 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States. Children were: William DYER-3647, Susannah DYER-3648, Jesse DYER-3649, Sarah DYER-3650, Hannah DYER-3651, Solomon DYER-3652.

Thomas BICKNELL (private).

Spouse: Susannah DYER-3671. Susannah DYER and Thomas BICKNELL were married on 2 August 1802.

Achsah BIDWELL was born on 5 March 1783. She died on 29 December 1840 at the age of 57. She was buried in Canton, Hartford, Connecticut.

Spouse: Ralph DYER Captain-1934. Achsah BIDWELL and Ralph DYER Captain were married on 25 December 1805. Children were: Moses Sedgewick DYER-2065, DYER-2066, Orville DYER-2067, Wayne Bidwell DYER-2068, George Benjamin DYER-2069.

Edmond BIDWELL (private).

Spouse: Charlotte DYER-2087. Charlotte DYER and Edmond BIDWELL were married on 19 September 1836.

Erastus Frank BIDWELL (private).

Spouse: Lucia Ann DYER-2089. Lucia Ann DYER and Erastus Frank BIDWELL were married on 11 September 1839.

Constance Mary BIELAUSKI (private).

Spouse: Chauncey DYER-8146. Constance Mary BIELAUSKI and Chauncey DYER were married on 29 June 1946.

Philip BIER (private).

Spouse: Alice DYER-10298. Alice DYER and Philip BIER were married.

Channing Turner BIESTER (private). Parents: William BIESTER-22924 and Minnie TURNER-22923.

Children were: Ermine BIESTER-22927.

Elliot BIESTER (private). Parents: William BIESTER-22924 and Minnie TURNER-22923.

Ermine BIESTER was born on 30 September 1926. Parents: Channing Turner BIESTER-22925.

Spouse: PAYNE-22928. Ermine BIESTER and PAYNE were married.

William BIESTER (private).

Spouse: Minnie TURNER-22923. Minnie TURNER and William BIESTER were married. Children were: Channing Turner BIESTER-22925, Elliot BIESTER-22926.

Nidoro BIGELO (private).

Spouse: Edwin DYER-2073. Nidoro BIGELO and Edwin DYER were married.

Charles BIGELOW (private).

Spouse: Ellen Vandalia VAN SLYK-18635. Ellen Vandalia VAN SLYK and Charles BIGELOW were married about 1872. Children were: Eva BIGELOW-18691, Harriet BIGELOW-18692, John BIGELOW-18693, Charles BIGELOW-18694.

Charles BIGELOW was born in 1903. Parents: Charles BIGELOW-18690 and Ellen Vandalia VAN SLYK-18635.

Erastus BIGELOW (private).

Spouse: Levina RANN-16893. Levina RANN and Erastus BIGELOW were married.

Eva BIGELOW was born on 16 November 1874. Parents: Charles BIGELOW-18690 and Ellen Vandalia VAN SLYK-18635.

Spouse: Fred Lane ELY-18743. Eva BIGELOW and Fred Lane ELY were married. Children were: Charles Bigelow ELY-18744.

Harriet BIGELOW was born about 1884. Parents: Charles BIGELOW-18690 and Ellen Vandalia VAN SLYK-18635.

John BIGELOW was born on 30 June 1879. Parents: Charles BIGELOW-18690 and Ellen Vandalia VAN SLYK-18635.

Elizabeth BIGGS was born about 1743. She died on 7 May 1836 at the age of 93.

Spouse: Naphtali DYER-4512. Elizabeth BIGGS and Naphtali DYER were married on 16 February 1764 in Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts. Children were: Elizabeth DYER-4530, Abigail DYER-4531, Naphtali DYER-4532, Molly Mary DYER-4533, Thankful DYER-4534, Sarah DYER-4535, Jerusha DYER-4536, Hannah DYER-4537.

Edmund BILLINGS Lt. Colonel (private).

Spouse: Theodora DYER-1861. Theodora DYER and Edmund BILLINGS Lt. Colonel were married on 30 May 1758.

James BILLINGTON was born about 1742. He served in the military in 1777 in The Battle of Oriskany. He was also known as Ciems.

Spouse: Elizabeth CHRISTMAN-17311. Elizabeth CHRISTMAN and James BILLINGTON were married on 25 November 1764 in ,Montgomery,New York.

Sharon Merece BILLINGTON was born on 26 May 1939.

Spouse: Harold Melvin DAHL-376. Sharon Merece BILLINGTON and Harold Melvin DAHL were married on 8 September 1962. Children were: Mark Harold DAHL-567, Nancy Merece DAHL-566, Gregory Richard DAHL-565.

Sarah BINGHAM (private).

Spouse: Colonel Thomas DYER-1741. Sarah BINGHAM and Colonel Thomas DYER were married.

Dorothy Elizabeth BINMORE was born on 10 November 1933. Parents: Thomas Victor BINMORE-12060 and Anna Gertrude PAGE-12061.

Spouse: Prescott GREENE-8656. Dorothy Elizabeth BINMORE and Prescott GREENE were married on 16 June 1956. Children were: Peter Allan GREENE-12062, David Benjamin GREENE-8658, Joanna Lee GREENE-12064.

Thomas Victor BINMORE (private).

Spouse: Anna Gertrude PAGE-12061. Anna Gertrude PAGE and Thomas Victor BINMORE were married. Children were: Dorothy Elizabeth BINMORE-8657.

Albert BIRD was born in 1882. He died on 23 November 1936 at the age of 54.

Spouse: Lorena HAMILTON-15074. Lorena HAMILTON and Albert BIRD were married on 29 August 1906.

Anita Louise BIRD was born on 6 September 1941. Parents: William Henry BIRD-20682 and Estella Emily NAGLER-20683.

Spouse: Stephen SLANUS-20790. Anita Louise BIRD and Stephen SLANUS were married on 3 March 1958. Children were: Sandra Lynn SLANUS-20834, John Jeffrey SLANUS-20845, William Henry SLANUS-20846, Barbara Ann SLANUS-20851.

Spouse: Edward Dale MYERS-20833. Anita Louise BIRD and Edward Dale MYERS were married on 6 September 1986.

Annie P. BIRD was born in July 1904 in New York Mills, Otter Tail, Minnesota, United States. She died on 17 April 1906 at the age of 1. Parents: William Henry BIRD-16271 and Lillian Jane "Lilah" DODGE-17160.

Chani Li BIRD was born on 17 November 1988. Parents: Dennis Wayne BIRD-20791 and Diolina Estrada ASISTIO-20792.

Charles BIRD (private).

Spouse: Sarah MCCLEARY-20489. Sarah MCCLEARY and Charles BIRD were married. Children were: Charles BIRD-16270.

Charles BIRD was born on 24 November 1839 in Rome, Oneida, New York, United States. He served in the military Mustered in on 15 August 1862 in Rochester, Olmsted, Minnesota, United States. He died on 20 November 1903 at the age of 63 in Fairfax,Renville,Minnesota. Charles was buried in Fort Ridgely, Nicollet, Minnesota. Parents: Charles BIRD-20488 and Sarah MCCLEARY-20489.

Spouse: Elizabeth Louiza "Betsey" CHRISTMAN-16175. Elizabeth Louiza "Betsey" CHRISTMAN and Charles BIRD were married on 10 July 1860 in Rochester, Olmsted, Minnesota, United States. Children were: William Henry BIRD-16271, Ida BIRD-17161, Charles Franklin BIRD-17162, Rose Mae BIRD-17163, Henry BIRD-17164, Zoe Ella BIRD-16272, Zelro David BIRD-16273, Delmar Nicholas BIRD-16274.

Charles Franklin BIRD was born on 4 May 1864 in Kalmar,Dodge,Minnesota. He died on 21 December 1864 at the age of 0 in Kalmar,Dodge,Minnesota. He was buried. Parents: Charles BIRD-16270 and Elizabeth Louiza "Betsey" CHRISTMAN-16175.

Charles Gary BIRD was born on 5 October 1938. Parents: Charles Willis BIRD-17525 and Ethel Ruth SNYDER-17526.

Spouse: Patricia Mary ANDERSON-17528. Patricia Mary ANDERSON and Charles Gary BIRD were married on 11 June 1966. Children were: Ian Edmund BIRD-17529, Eric Elliott BIRD-17530.

Charles Willis BIRD was born on 8 January 1915 in Isabel, Dewey, South Dakota, United States. He died on 5 February 1998 at the age of 83 in San Jose, Santa Clara, California, United States. He was buried in Los Gatos,Santa Clara,California. Parents: Delmar Nicholas BIRD-16274 and Ida STAPERT-17166.

Spouse: Ethel Ruth SNYDER-17526. Ethel Ruth SNYDER and Charles Willis BIRD were married on 18 April 1937 in Ukiah, Mendocino, California, United States. Children were: Charles Gary BIRD-17527, Janet Gail BIRD-20701, Karen Dee BIRD-20713.