Elias STILEMAN Honorable (private).

Spouse: Lucy TREWORGY-2178. Lucy TREWORGY and Elias STILEMAN Honorable were married after 14 March 1687.

Lydia STILL (private).

Spouse: George DYER-7062. Lydia STILL and George DYER were married about 6 April 1826.

Roscoe STINCHFIELD (private).

Spouse: Angela THOMPSON-21621. Angela THOMPSON and Roscoe STINCHFIELD were married.

Mary STINSON (private).

Spouse: Ebenezer PATTEE-5201. Mary STINSON and Ebenezer PATTEE were married. Children were: Antiope PATTEE-5259.

Kelley Lynn STIPETICH (private). Parents: Peter STIPETICH-538 and Mary Del DYER-373.

Peter STIPETICH (private).

Spouse: Mary Del DYER-373. Mary Del DYER and Peter STIPETICH were married. Children were: Kelley Lynn STIPETICH-580, Rachel STIPETICH-12128.

Rachel STIPETICH (private). Parents: Peter STIPETICH-538 and Mary Del DYER-373.

Sarah STIRES (private).

Spouse: John WARE-22049. Sarah STIRES and John WARE were married. Children were: Caroline WARE-22048.

Amelia Louise STOCK was born on 26 May 1867 in Poznan, Wielkopolskie, Poland. She died on 19 August 1941 at the age of 74 in East Herkimer,Herkimer,New York.

Spouse: William LOWELL-21166. Amelia Louise STOCK and William LOWELL were married on 30 June 1891 in Herkimer, Herkimer, New York, United States. Children were: Celia LOWELL-21168.

Sandy STOCK (private).

Spouse: Gerald KRAMBER-20322. Sandy STOCK and Gerald KRAMBER were married.

Charles STOCKBRIDGE (private).

Spouse: Abigail EAMES-9358. Abigail EAMES and Charles STOCKBRIDGE were married.

Elizabeth STOCKBRIDGE was born on 6 March 1737 or 1738.

Spouse: Doctor Isaac WINSLOW-11693. Elizabeth STOCKBRIDGE and Doctor Isaac WINSLOW were married. Children were: John WINSLOW-15971.

James O STOCKBRIDGE (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth Thomas DYER-2640. Elizabeth Thomas DYER and James O STOCKBRIDGE were married on 12 November 1867.

Mary STOCKBRIDGE (private).

Spouse: George YOUNG-23434. Mary STOCKBRIDGE and George YOUNG were married. Children were: Mary YOUNG-2226.

Martha Antoinette STOCKEMER was born on 10 September 1860 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States. She died on 15 January 1951 at the age of 90 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States. She was buried in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States.

Spouse: John Buchanan FAY-18185. Martha Antoinette STOCKEMER and John Buchanan FAY were married in September 1881. Children were: Nellie Jeannette FAY-18184, Frederick E. FAY-18187.

Ann STOCKER (private).

Spouse: William BRIGGS-1623. Ann STOCKER and William BRIGGS were married on 23 November 1704. Children were: Ann BRIGGS-6793.

Margaret Elta STOCKTON (private).

Spouse: Merton Alfred PORTER-15844. Margaret Elta STOCKTON and Merton Alfred PORTER were married. Children were: William PORTER-15846.

Mary Lenore STOCKTON was born on 23 February 1922 in Texhoma, , Texas. She died on 18 January 1993 at the age of 70 in Costa Mesa, Orange, California, United States.

Spouse: Walter LeRoy LOCKWOOD-16436. Mary Lenore STOCKTON and Walter LeRoy LOCKWOOD were married on 1 April 1944 in Napa, Napa, California, United States. Children were: Leslie Lou LOCKWOOD-16500.

Electa STODDARD was born in 1801. She died in 1842 at the age of 41.

Spouse: Oakes DYER-3801. Electa STODDARD and Oakes DYER were married in November 1824. Children were: Electa S DYER-3819, Spencer O DYER-3820, Lewis S DYER-3821, Angeline M DYER-3822, Julia M DYER-3823.

John STODDARD (private).

Spouse: Anna DYER-1643. Anna DYER and John STODDARD were married on 9 August 1739.

Elizabeth STODDER (private).

Spouse: Jonathan FRENCH-8021. Elizabeth STODDER and Jonathan FRENCH were married. Children were: Lucy FRENCH-3677.

Sally STODDER (private).

Spouse: Solomon Lovell DYER-3610. Sally STODDER and Solomon Lovell DYER were married on 31 January 1828. Children were: Solomon Lovell DYER-8052, Irenus Lovell DYER-8053, Sarah Frances DYER-8054, Maria Bassett DYER-8056, Solomon Lovell DYER III-8058, Abby Caroline DYER-8059, Abby Lovell DYER-8060, Solomon Lovell DYER IV-8062, Reuben Francis DYER-8063, Arthur Francis DYER-8064, Francis Jacob Pratt DYER-8065.

Shawn STOGRAN (private).

Spouse: Heather Elsie WASMUTH-11323. Heather Elsie WASMUTH and Shawn STOGRAN were married in October 1985.

Simon Gregory STOKALKO was born on 23 August 1968.

Spouse: Jocelyn Ann KRAUSE-15043. Jocelyn Ann KRAUSE and Simon Gregory STOKALKO were married on 10 June 1995.

STONE (private).

Spouse: Mercy or Mary EMERY-4814. Mercy or Mary EMERY and STONE were married.

Joanne STONE (private). Parents: Joseph STONE-21779 and Edna Grace STEWART-21723.

Joseph STONE (private).

Spouse: Edna Grace STEWART-21723. Edna Grace STEWART and Joseph STONE were married. Children were: Lois STONE-21780, Joanne STONE-21781.

Lois STONE (private). Parents: Joseph STONE-21779 and Edna Grace STEWART-21723.

Myrtice Marie STONE was born on 8 May 1925.

Spouse: Leigh James WYATT-955. Myrtice Marie STONE and Leigh James WYATT were married on 21 February 1952. Children were: Donna WYATT-1299, Sandra Lee WYATT-1300, George Leigh WYATT-968, Frances Elaine WYATT-969, Marjorie Ann WYATT-970.

Rosanna DeVol STONE (private).

Spouse: John DYER Junior-1986. Rosanna DeVol STONE and John DYER Junior were married on 13 June 1832. Children were: Augusta Rosanna DYER-2543, John Winchester DYER-2544.

Ida B. STORER was born on 10 February 1861 or 1862 in Cornish, York, Maine. She died on 8 May 1943 at the age of 82 in Cornish, York, Maine. She has reference number 5. Ida was buried in Cornish, York, Maine.

Spouse: Doctor Albert Augustus DYER-6866. Ida B. STORER and Doctor Albert Augustus DYER were married on 4 November 1893 in Cornish, York, Maine. Children were: Curtis DYER M.D.-6862.

Christy STOREY (private).

Spouse: William SIMMS-13639. Christy STOREY and William SIMMS were married. Children were: Laura Mae SIMMS-7275.

Hiram STOREY (private).

Spouse: Mary Susan PARKER-18392. Mary Susan PARKER and Hiram STOREY were married.

Lavinia STOREY was also known as Mina.

Spouse: William Edward JOHNSTON-18367. Lavinia STOREY and William Edward JOHNSTON were married.

Lavinia Bernice STOREY was also known as Mina.

Spouse: Percy Dennis PARKER-18394. Lavinia Bernice STOREY and Percy Dennis PARKER were married.

Spouse: JOHNSON-18396. Lavinia Bernice STOREY and JOHNSON were married.

Maracha STORR died in December 1839 in Ellicottville,Cattaraugus,New York. She was also known as Maria Stern Maria Starring, Staarn. Parents: Valentine STORR-19215.

Spouse: Martinus VAN SLYK-16988. Maracha STORR and Martinus VAN SLYK were married on 13 August 1774 in Fonda, Montgomery, New York, United States. Children were: Meritje VAN SLYK-16202, Catrina VAN SLYK-16991, Augustus "Aukes" VAN SLYK-16990.

Valentine STORR was also known as Staring.

Children were: Maracha STORR-16989.

Dayton STOSS (private). Parents: Oscar STOSS-17647 and Grace CHRISTMAN-17613.

Dorothy STOSS (private). Parents: Oscar STOSS-17647 and Grace CHRISTMAN-17613.

Oscar STOSS (private).

Spouse: Grace CHRISTMAN-17613. Grace CHRISTMAN and Oscar STOSS were married. Children were: Dorothy STOSS-17648, Dayton STOSS-17649.

Emily M STOWELL (private).

Spouse: Alfred T DYER-3811. Emily M STOWELL and Alfred T DYER were married on 3 July 1864.

Keren Happuck STOWELL was born in 1804. Parents: Noah STOWELL-7889 and Lucy PRATT-7890.

Spouse: Asa DYER-4288. Keren Happuck STOWELL and Asa DYER were married on 29 May 1842 in Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States. Children were: Joshua H DYER-4412.

Noah STOWELL (private).

Spouse: Lucy PRATT-7890. Lucy PRATT and Noah STOWELL were married. Children were: Keren Happuck STOWELL-4411.

Noah Francis STOWELL was born in 1872.

Spouse: Mabel Crosby DYER-4349. Mabel Crosby DYER and Noah Francis STOWELL were married on 24 November 1898 in Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States.

STOWER (private).

Children were: Ellen Elaine MILLER-19762, Harry F. MILLER-19764, William MILLER-19765.

Georgius STOŽIČEK was born on 8 April 1799 in Černouček,Litomerice,Bohemia. Parents: Vaclav STOŽIČEK-26296 and Kateřina -26297.

Pavel STOŽIČEK was born on 22 June 1791 in Černouček,Litomerice,Bohemia. Parents: Vaclav STOŽIČEK-26296 and Kateřina -26297.

Vaclav STOŽIČEK was born estimated 1771. He has reference number 138.

Spouse: Kateřina -26297. Kateřina and Vaclav STOŽIČEK were married estimated 1794. Children were: Alžběta STOŽIČKOVA-22934, Pavel STOŽIČEK-26298, Georgius STOŽIČEK-26299.

Alžběta STOŽIČKOVA was born in June 1796 in Černouček,Litomerice,Bohemia. She was christened on 23 June 1796 in Černouček,Litomerice,Bohemia. She has reference number 69. Parents: Vaclav STOŽIČEK-26296 and Kateřina -26297.

Spouse: Jan LIPŠ-22933. Alžběta STOŽIČKOVA and Jan LIPŠ were married. Children were: Václav LIPŠ-58.

Joseph Albert STRAKA was born on 17 March 1955.

Spouse: Cynthia Ann NELSON-13287. Cynthia Ann NELSON and Joseph Albert STRAKA were married on 24 September 1983. Children were: Sara Jean STRAKA-13289, Samuel Joseph STRAKA-13290.