Perry Ernest PAINE was born. Parents: Ernest Lewis PAINE-10876 and Helen Irene CORISIS-18456.

Spouse: Loretta LEGUINECHE-18489. Loretta LEGUINECHE and Perry Ernest PAINE were married. Children were: Richard Aaron PAINE-18490, Karen Rene PAINE-18491.

Perry Ernest Earl PAINE was born on 15 October 1896 in Mankato,Blue Earth,Minnesota. He died on 8 September 1983 at the age of 86 in Boise, Ada, Idaho, United States. He was buried in Boise, Ada, Idaho, United States. Parents: Ernest Orban PAINE-16987 and Clara Jane CHRISTMAN-9207.

Spouse: Ona JONES-16276. Ona JONES and Perry Ernest Earl PAINE were married on 9 July 1918 in Boise, Ada, Idaho, United States. Children were: Ernest Lewis PAINE-10876, Orval Milo PAINE-17022, Forrest Raymond PAINE-9210, Perry Wesley PAINE-17023.

Perry Orban PAINE was born on 25 June 1953. Parents: Perry Wesley PAINE-17023 and Ruby Geraldine HUGHES-18468.

Spouse: Diana Lynn SORENSON-18500. Diana Lynn SORENSON and Perry Orban PAINE were married on 15 October 1977. Children were: Brandy-Jo Carol PAINE-18501, Perry Travis PAINE-18502.

Spouse: RaeAnn Lee LANZ-18503. RaeAnn Lee LANZ and Perry Orban PAINE were married on 5 March 1993.

Perry Travis PAINE was born on 4 August 1980. Parents: Perry Orban PAINE-18469 and Diana Lynn SORENSON-18500.

Perry Wesley PAINE was born on 15 April 1929. Parents: Perry Ernest Earl PAINE-16920 and Ona JONES-16276.

Spouse: Ruby Geraldine HUGHES-18468. Ruby Geraldine HUGHES and Perry Wesley PAINE were married on 31 December 1950. Children were: Perry Orban PAINE-18469, Kelly Sue PAINE-18470.

Raymond Gail PAINE was born on 5 April 1948. Parents: Forrest Raymond PAINE-9210 and Mary Emma LENTZ-18448.

Spouse: Susan Pearl LEWIS-18471. Susan Pearl LEWIS and Raymond Gail PAINE were married in 1976. Children were: Natalie Ray PAINE-18473.

Spouse: Della May ALLEN-18472. Della May ALLEN and Raymond Gail PAINE were married on 2 June 1991.

Richard Aaron PAINE was born on 5 April 1971. Parents: Perry Ernest PAINE-18457 and Loretta LEGUINECHE-18489.

Richard Charles PAINE was born on 8 January 1947. Parents: Orval Milo PAINE-17022 and Margaret Louise BRENNER-18459.

Spouse: Lois CARUSO-18462. Lois CARUSO and Richard Charles PAINE were married.

Spouse: Lori -18463. Lori and Richard Charles PAINE were married.

Robert Orval PAINE was born on 11 February 1948. Parents: Orval Milo PAINE-17022 and Margaret Louise BRENNER-18459.

Spouse: Roxanne -18465. Roxanne and Robert Orval PAINE were married.

Sarah PAINE (private).

Spouse: Anthony SNOW-22891. Sarah PAINE and Anthony SNOW were married. Children were: David SNOW-22889.

Thomas PAINE (private).

Spouse: Mary SNOW-12031. Mary SNOW and Thomas PAINE were married in July 1650. Children were: John PAINE-12026.

Mary Ellen PAKOWSKI (private).

Spouse: Paul Allen MITCHELL-19988. Mary Ellen PAKOWSKI and Paul Allen MITCHELL were married on 20 August 1983.

Anne PALMER was born.

Spouse: Robert FISH-4595. Anne PALMER and Robert FISH were married. Children were: Ann Elizabeth FISH-4449.

Benjamin PALMER (private). Parents: Harry PALMER-18766 and Mae VAN SLYK-18713.

Catherine Alice PALMER (private).

Spouse: Guy Michael HILTZ-11304. Catherine Alice PALMER and Guy Michael HILTZ were married on 14 April 1990. Children were: Michael Austin HILTZ-11365, Madison HILTZ-11378.

Flora PALMER (private).

Spouse: Allen Andrew VAN SLYK-18637. Flora PALMER and Allen Andrew VAN SLYK were married.

Harry PALMER (private).

Spouse: Mae VAN SLYK-18713. Mae VAN SLYK and Harry PALMER were married. Children were: Benjamin PALMER-18767.

John William PALMER (private).

Spouse: Eliza Jane COCHRAN-17043. Eliza Jane COCHRAN and John William PALMER were married.

Margaret A PALMER was born in 1819.

Spouse: Nathaniel DYER-3659. Margaret A PALMER and Nathaniel DYER were married on 3 February 1848 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States.

General Oliver H. PALMER (private).

Spouse: Susan HART-23795. Susan HART and General Oliver H. PALMER were married. Children were: Susan Hart PALMER-5822.

Sarah Reed PALMER was born on 23 April 1938.

Spouse: Ronald Jerome STROUT-13686. Sarah Reed PALMER and Ronald Jerome STROUT were married on 2 July 1958.

Susan Hart PALMER was born in 1854 in New York, United States. Parents: General Oliver H. PALMER-10798 and Susan HART-23795.

Spouse: George Leland DYER-6562. Susan Hart PALMER and George Leland DYER were married on 31 March 1875. Children were: George Palms DYER-23796, Susan H. DYER-23797.

Elizabeth PALMETTER (private).

Spouse: Daniel BUTTON-15402. Elizabeth PALMETTER and Daniel BUTTON were married. Children were: Penelope BUTTON-15401.

Debra Ann PALUBICKI (private).

Spouse: Richard Joel FREELS-21049. Debra Ann PALUBICKI and Richard Joel FREELS were married on 31 December 1984. Children were: Kyle Eugene FREELS-21054.

Magdalena PÁNEK was born estimated 1811 in Podoli, Melnik, Bohemia, Czech Republic. She has reference number 71.

Spouse: Antonin TĚŠÍK-22948. Magdalena PÁNEK and Antonin TĚŠÍK were married. Children were: Alžběta TĚŠÍK-22935.

Anamarie PANIAGUA was born on 6 March 1974. Parents: Higinio Manuel PANIAGUA-20788 and Charlotte Marie BIRD-20786.

Spouse: Jason GANN-20829. Anamarie PANIAGUA and Jason GANN were married. Children were: Alice Marie GANN-20830.

Higinio Manuel PANIAGUA was born on 11 January 1945.

Spouse: Charlotte Marie BIRD-20786. Charlotte Marie BIRD and Higinio Manuel PANIAGUA were married on 5 May 1970. Children were: Renee Michelle PANIAGUA-20817, Julia Marie PANIAGUA-20823, Anamarie PANIAGUA-20828.

Julia Marie PANIAGUA was born on 13 December 1971. Parents: Higinio Manuel PANIAGUA-20788 and Charlotte Marie BIRD-20786.

Spouse: Tommy LE-20824. Julia Marie PANIAGUA and Tommy LE were married on 25 July 1990. Children were: Tami Marie LE-20827.

Renee Michelle PANIAGUA was born on 27 May 1970. Parents: Higinio Manuel PANIAGUA-20788 and Charlotte Marie BIRD-20786.

Spouse: Sergio PACHECO-20818. Renee Michelle PANIAGUA and Sergio PACHECO were married. Children were: Venee Michelle PACHECO-20821, Brian Matthew PACHECO-20822.

Judith PANTILONE died in 1990.

Spouse: Charles SPENCER Junior-17740. Judith PANTILONE and Charles SPENCER Junior were married in 1977.

Adam Richard PAQUIN was born on 19 November 1982. Parents: Richard PAQUIN-20663 and Patricia Elaine CALLAHAN-20662.

Richard PAQUIN was born on 27 June 1955.

Spouse: Patricia Elaine CALLAHAN-20662. Patricia Elaine CALLAHAN and Richard PAQUIN were married on 1 September 1979. Children were: Adam Richard PAQUIN-20664.

Phoebe PARADIS was born on 6 August 1886 in Green River, Madawaska, New Brunswick, Canada. She died on 23 April 1946 at the age of 59. She was buried in Island Falls, Aroostook, Maine, United States.

Spouse: Benjamin Franklin GREEN-5621. Phoebe PARADIS and Benjamin Franklin GREEN were married on 9 November 1902. Children were: Elizabeth Marion GREENE-12069, Edward Leroy GREENE-8654, Madeline GREENE-12071.

Jean Burley PARADY was born on 17 May 1926.

Spouse: Philip Curtis DYER-6854. Jean Burley PARADY and Philip Curtis DYER were married on 19 March 1954. Children were: Gail DYER-6884, Lyn DYER-6885, Thomas Phillip DYER-6856, Elizabeth DYER-6857.

Edith E PARATH was born on 6 February 1913.

Spouse: Cecil Clayton MITCHELL-13337. Edith E PARATH and Cecil Clayton MITCHELL were married on 23 November 1934. Children were: Patricia Joyce MITCHELL-13339, Robert Lee MITCHELL-13340, Gary Bruce MITCHELL-13341, Judith Ann MITCHELL-13342.

Elizabeth PARDON (private).

Spouse: Brian Lee CHRISTMAN-20133. Elizabeth PARDON and Brian Lee CHRISTMAN were married.

Henry PARENT (private).

Spouse: Olivia Winowa WALLACE-12762. Olivia Winowa WALLACE and Henry PARENT were married.

Virginia PARIS (private).

Spouse: Cavin Thomas Frederick MOOERS-25027. Virginia PARIS and Cavin Thomas Frederick MOOERS were married. Children were: Frederick Lyon MOOERS-25030.

Andrew Pomeroy PARK was born on 3 June 1995. Parents: Geoffrey Robert PARK-15128 and Stephanie Jean POMEROY-15028.

Francis William PARK was born in 1910. Parents: William Adam PARK-14655 and Edith WINSLOW-14619.

Spouse: Libbie Campbell AIRD-14657. Libbie Campbell AIRD and Francis William PARK were married.

Geoffrey Robert PARK was born on 7 April 1961.

Spouse: Stephanie Jean POMEROY-15028. Stephanie Jean POMEROY and Geoffrey Robert PARK were married. Children were: Olivia Pomeroy PARK-15129, Andrew Pomeroy PARK-15130.

Nathan C PARK (private).

Spouse: Joan DYER-10296. Joan DYER and Nathan C PARK were married on 17 August 1944.

Olivia Pomeroy PARK was born on 3 August 1993. Parents: Geoffrey Robert PARK-15128 and Stephanie Jean POMEROY-15028.

Polly Tingue PARK (private).

Spouse: Daniel DYER-10245. Polly Tingue PARK and Daniel DYER were married on 13 June 1953. Children were: Neva Elaine DYER-10307, Lynn Lamphier DYER-10308, Beverly Gay DYER-10309, David Morrison DYER-10310.

William Adam PARK was born in 1853. He died in 1924 at the age of 71.

Spouse: Edith WINSLOW-14619. Edith WINSLOW and William Adam PARK were married in 1909. Children were: Francis William PARK-14656.

Adam Freeman PARKER was born. Parents: James W PARKER-10085 and Caroline Maria PRATT-10084.

Spouse: Katie ARBEAU-18386. Katie ARBEAU and Adam Freeman PARKER were married.

Arial PARKER (private).

Spouse: Palmyra DYER-11590. Palmyra DYER and Arial PARKER were married.

Arthur Gardner PARKER was born calculated 1896. He died in 1938 at the age of 42 in Hazelton,,New Brunswick, Canada. Parents: James W PARKER-10085 and Caroline Maria PRATT-10084.

Bernice PARKER (private).

Spouse: Wilson RUSSELL-13599. Bernice PARKER and Wilson RUSSELL were married. Children were: Alice Louise RUSSELL-13592.

Charlotte PARKER (private).

Spouse: Ebenezer WHITNEY-9086. Charlotte PARKER and Ebenezer WHITNEY were married. Children were: Edward Rogers WHITNEY-9001.