Chura (private).

Spouse: Alexandr PECHOUŠEK-16305. Chura and Alexandr PECHOUŠEK were married. Children were: Elena PECHOUŠKOVA-26180.

Clara was born in 1894.

Spouse: Archibald M. CHAMBERLAIN-18907. Clara and Archibald M. CHAMBERLAIN were married. Children were: Milton CHAMBERLAIN-26243, Leroy CHAMBERLAIN-26244, May Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN-21704.

Clara V was born in 1889. She died in 1946 at the age of 57.

Spouse: Arthur E WHITING-4247. Clara V and Arthur E WHITING were married.

Clay was born estimated 1994. Parents: Randy Olson -16280 and Karen Lynn ATKINS-15719.

Connor was born estimated 1996. Parents: Randy Olson -16280 and Karen Lynn ATKINS-15719.

Constance (private).

Spouse: Stephen HOPKINS-4507. Constance and Stephen HOPKINS were married. Children were: Giles HOPKINS-4505, Constance HOPKINS-14189.

Cora A. was born in 1866. She died in 1929 at the age of 63.

Spouse: George H. CHRISTMAN-17952. Cora A. and George H. CHRISTMAN were married. Children were: Clarence J. CHRISTMAN-17954.

Daisey (private).

Spouse: Albert NEWMAN-20234. Daisey and Albert NEWMAN were married. Children were: Stephen NEWMAN-20233.

daughter (private). Parents: Jerry -23693 and Bonnie Louise FERGUSON-23593.

daughter (private). Parents: Jerry -23693 and Bonnie Louise FERGUSON-23593.

David (private).

Spouse: Betty May VANGNESS-13003. Children were: Tami June -21029.

Debbie (private).

Spouse: John J. CHRISTMAN-17209. Debbie and John J. CHRISTMAN were married.

Deborah (private).

Spouse: James LYFORD-13663. Deborah and James LYFORD were married. Children were: James LYFORD-13650.

Deborah died after 30 June 1688.

Spouse: Sylvanus WHITE-4984. Deborah and Sylvanus WHITE were married. Children were: William WHITE-9632.

Deborah Jean (private). Parents: Donna Jean COX-20980.

Delores was born about 1934.

Spouse: Robert PRESCOTT-11265. Delores and Robert PRESCOTT were married about 1954. Children were: Tracy PRESCOTT-11390.

Denise was born estimated 1925.

Spouse: George Morse DYER-4921. Denise and George Morse DYER were married. Children were: Richard Yorke DYER-4916, Kent Allen DYER-4915.

Desi was born estimated 1966.

Spouse: Douglas Edward DREXLER-1480. Desi and Douglas Edward DREXLER were married. Children were: Arnice DREXLER-1483.

Dessie died on 21 July 2004 in Buckhannon,Upshur,West Virginia.

Spouse: Walter SWECKER-17337. Dessie and Walter SWECKER were married. Children were: James Sherwood "Jim" SWECKER-12.

Diana (private).

Spouse: Wilfred JONES-15334. Diana and Wilfred JONES were married. Children were: Caroline JONES-15333.

Diane (private).

Spouse: Robert Francis KOCH-19744. Diane and Robert Francis KOCH were married. Children were: Marc KOCH-19894, Tammie KOCH-19895.

Dianne (private).

Spouse: George William PRAUS-24607. Dianne and George William PRAUS were married.

Dillian (private).

Spouse: John STARKEY-24037. Dillian and John STARKEY were married. Children were: Addison Dennis STARKEY-13452.

Dolly was born calculated 1770. She died after 1835 at the age of 65.

Spouse: Bickford DYER-6825. Dolly and Bickford DYER were married estimated 1804. Children were: Nabby DYER-8986.

Dolores Mae was born on 28 July 1926. She died on 1 July 1997 at the age of 70. She was buried on 7 July 1997 in Fort Snelling, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States.

Spouse: Roger Stanley CAMP-320. Dolores Mae and Roger Stanley CAMP were married. Children were: Sandy Rae CAMP-9106.

Spouse: Emery G. LANGLIE-16173. Dolores Mae and Emery G. LANGLIE were married.

Donna (private).

Spouse: Lowell LUNDE-737. Donna and Lowell LUNDE were married. Children were: Carl Kristian LUNDE-265.

Donna (private).

Spouse: Michael Eugene MITCHELL-19978. Donna and Michael Eugene MITCHELL were married in 1975.

Donna was born estimated 1920.

Spouse: Roger Freeman GJETLEY-496. Donna and Roger Freeman GJETLEY were married. They were divorced. Children were: Roger Stephen GJETLEY-519, Ronny GJETLEY-520, Howard GJETLEY-521.

Doretta C was born in September 1846 in , Hanover, Germany.

Spouse: Caspar E PLOCH-9188. Doretta C and Caspar E PLOCH were married calculated 1866. Children were: Amelia L PLOCH-553, Clara Emma PLOCH-9192, Allicie Florence PLOCH-9193, Cecelia Doretta PLOCH-9194.

Dorota was born estimated 1633.

Spouse: Jan KULANDA-26060. Dorota and Jan KULANDA were married. Children were: Lukaš KULANDA-26366, Georgy KULANDA-26367, Lotta KULANDA-26368, Vaclav KULANDA-26369, Tomas KULANDA-25288, Anezka KULANDA-26370, Jacob KULANDA-26371, Adam KULANDA-26372, Matthew KULANDA-26373.

Dorota was born calculated 1751. She died on 2 December 1783 at the age of 32 in Kestrany, Pisek, Bohemia, Czech Republic. She was buried on 4 December 1783.

Spouse: Martin KECLÍK-RIBÁK-22950. Dorota and Martin KECLÍK-RIBÁK were married. Children were: Kateřina KECLÍKOVA-26596, Anna KECLÍKOVA-26264, Maria Anna KECLÍKOVA-25836.

Dorothea (private).

Spouse: Jan "Joannes" PECHOUŠEK-22962. Dorothea and Jan "Joannes" PECHOUŠEK were married. Children were: Magdalena PECHOUŠKOVA-25514.

Dorothea was born calculated 1710. She died on 17 September 1770 at the age of 60 in Lhota u Kestran, Pisek, Bohemia, Czech Republic. She was buried on 19 September 1770.

Spouse: Josef PECHOUŠEK-25418. Dorothea and Josef PECHOUŠEK were married estimated 1732. Children were: Marie Magdalena PECHOUŠKOVA-26048, Jan PECHOUŠEK-26049, Jakub PECHOUŠEK-26050, Petr PECHOUŠEK-25430, Anna PECHOUŠKOVA-25433, Antonin PECHOUŠEK-25453, Katerina PECHOUŠKOVA-25435, Marie Magdalena PECHOUŠKOVA-25436, Maryana PECHOUŠKOVA-26464, Katerina PECHOUŠKOVA-25409.

Dorothy (private).

Spouse: Ezra WHITMARSH-4845. Dorothy and Ezra WHITMARSH were married. Children were: Dorothy WHITMARSH-3540.

Douglas was born estimated 1997. Parents: Steve Rokosz -16283 and Kayla Renee ATKINS-15720.

E.S. was born calculated 1852 in Pennsylvania, United States.

Spouse: Clarence L MINARD-7185. E.S. and Clarence L MINARD were married.

Eddie (private).

Spouse: Kathryn Jane POLLARD-1150. Kathryn Jane POLLARD and Eddie were married.

Edith (private).

Spouse: Burt VAN SLYK-18715. Edith and Burt VAN SLYK were married. Children were: VAN SLYK-18769.

Elanor was born calculated 1831. She died on 30 January 1886 at the age of 55. She was buried in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Spouse: Charles Ezekiel SULIS-7361. Elanor and Charles Ezekiel SULIS were married. Children were: Julia A SULIS-10672, Charles Joseph SULIS-10694.

Elisabeth (private).

Spouse: Johannes CHRISTMAN-18035. Elisabeth and Johannes CHRISTMAN were married before 1778. Children were: Johann Frederick CHRISTMAN-19149, James CHRISTMAN-19154, Catherina CHRISTMAN-19155, Maria Elisabeth CHRISTMAN-19156, Catherine CHRISTMAN-19157, Margretha CHRISTMAN-19406, Susanna CHRISTMAN-19407.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Edward MELCHER-2380. Elizabeth and Edward MELCHER were married. Children were: Nathaniel MELCHER-2382, Samuel MELCHER-2383, Mary MELCHER-2384.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Noah EMERY-4747. Elizabeth and Noah EMERY were married.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: William WALLACE-6118. Elizabeth and William WALLACE were married. Children were: Elizabeth or Betsey WALLACE-6119.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Thomas RIDLEY-6511. Elizabeth and Thomas RIDLEY were married.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Francis SMALL-6520. Elizabeth and Francis SMALL were married. Children were: Daniel SMALL-6519.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: James DYER-6759. Elizabeth and James DYER were married. Children were: John DYER-6762, James DYER-6763, Joseph DYER-6761, Elizabeth DYER-6765, Deborah DYER-6766, Edward DYER-7559.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Benjamin DYER-6978. Elizabeth and Benjamin DYER were married on 24 November 1815.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Benjamin WRIGHT-8015. Elizabeth and Benjamin WRIGHT were married. Children were: Rosella J WRIGHT-4425.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Gideon CONGDON-8249. Elizabeth and Gideon CONGDON were married. Children were: Peleg Carr CONGDON-7201.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Ephraim ROBERTS-8387. Elizabeth and Ephraim ROBERTS were married. Children were: Elizabeth ROBERTS-4726.