Lindsay Kate MASON was born on 15 July 1986. Parents: Thomas MASON-15266 and Carol Lynn JACKSON-15063.

Mallory Jane MASON was born on 15 July 1986. Parents: Thomas MASON-15266 and Carol Lynn JACKSON-15063.

Rebecca Lynn MASON was born on 28 August 1983. Parents: Thomas MASON-15266 and Carol Lynn JACKSON-15063.

Thomas MASON (private).

Spouse: Mary Ann ROBINSON-11873. Mary Ann ROBINSON and Thomas MASON were married on 13 October 1837.

Thomas MASON (private).

Spouse: Carol Lynn JACKSON-15063. Carol Lynn JACKSON and Thomas MASON were married on 11 October 1980. Children were: Rebecca Lynn MASON-15267, Lindsay Kate MASON-15268, Mallory Jane MASON-15269.

Malvena MASSE (private).

Spouse: Maurice ROBBINS-15909. Malvena MASSE and Maurice ROBBINS were married. Children were: Gerald Laroy ROBBINS-15879.

MASSENDER (private). Parents: Thomas Joseph MASSENDER-21271 and Annie Abbott BOYCE-18833.

Spouse: J. WADSWORTH-21275. MASSENDER and J. WADSWORTH were married.

Harold MASSENDER (private). Parents: Thomas Joseph MASSENDER-21271 and Annie Abbott BOYCE-18833.

Thomas Joseph MASSENDER was born calculated 1895 in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. He died on 29 July 1930 at the age of 35 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Spouse: Annie Abbott BOYCE-18833. Annie Abbott BOYCE and Thomas Joseph MASSENDER were married on 16 December 1908 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Children were: Harold MASSENDER-21273, MASSENDER-21274.

Tracey MASSEY was born on 4 June 1971.

Spouse: David Milton BAMFORD-21835. Tracey MASSEY and David Milton BAMFORD were married on 12 July 1997.

Rose Marie MASTERJOHN (private).

Spouse: Thomas Warren RUNDHAUG-12929. Rose Marie MASTERJOHN and Thomas Warren RUNDHAUG were married. Children were: Spouse -1329.

Emma Faith MATCHETT was born on 28 August 1992. Parents: Hollie MATCHETT-15330 and Faith BURNLEY-15229.

Hollie MATCHETT was born on 19 January 1957. Parents: Wilson MATCHETT-15927 and Frances -15928.

Spouse: Faith BURNLEY-15229. Faith BURNLEY and Hollie MATCHETT were married on 10 October 1987. Children were: Rebecca Hollie MATCHETT-15331, Emma Faith MATCHETT-15930.

Rebecca Hollie MATCHETT was born on 10 October 1988. Parents: Hollie MATCHETT-15330 and Faith BURNLEY-15229.

Wilson MATCHETT (private).

Spouse: Frances -15928. Frances and Wilson MATCHETT were married. Children were: Hollie MATCHETT-15330.

Samuel MATHEWSON (private).

Spouse: Mary DYER-11678. Mary DYER and Samuel MATHEWSON were married on 3 May 1772.

Sarah MATHEWSON was born in 1750. She died in 1814 at the age of 64.

Spouse: Stephen DYER-6726. Sarah MATHEWSON and Stephen DYER were married on 3 May 1778 in Johnston, Providence, Rhode Island. Children were: Amy DYER-11685, Huldah DYER-11687, Edmund DYER-6728, William DYER-11689.

Cora Etta MATHIS was born on 5 November 1869 in South Amboy,Middlesex,New Jersey. She was buried on 7 June 1940 in Vashon, King, Washington, United States. She died in Burton,King,Washington. Parents: Enoch James MATHIS-3684 and Sara Jane -3689.

Spouse: Charles Nelson CHRISTMAN-4500. Cora Etta MATHIS and Charles Nelson CHRISTMAN were married on 7 April 1889 in Burton,King,Washington. Children were: William Shaffer CHRISTMAN-3973, Myrtle M. CHRISTMAN-20166, Edith May CHRISTMAN-20167, Jessie Beatrice CHRISTMAN-20172, Isalene Pearl CHRISTMAN-20185.

Enoch James MATHIS was born.

Spouse: Sara Jane -3689. Sara Jane and Enoch James MATHIS were married. Children were: Cora Etta MATHIS-17158.

Charles Lee , Jr. MATOCHA was born on 13 March 1961.

Spouse: Toby Hill SHANNON-9414. Toby Hill SHANNON and Charles Lee , Jr. MATOCHA were married on 15 August 1992.

Arnold MATSON (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth Ann BULLARD-26248. Elizabeth Ann BULLARD and Arnold MATSON were married. They were divorced.

Arvilla MATSON (private).

Spouse: John DYER-4470. Arvilla MATSON and John DYER were married. Children were: Peter W DYER-4472.

Mary MATTHEWS (private).

Spouse: Winter SNOW-12372. Mary MATTHEWS and Winter SNOW were married. Children were: George SNOW-12772, James SNOW-12773.

William A MATTHEWS (private).

Spouse: Mary Hallam DYER-3993. Mary Hallam DYER and William A MATTHEWS were married on 18 October 1840.

James MATTHEWSON (private).

Spouse: Harriet Atwood DYER-4320. Harriet Atwood DYER and James MATTHEWSON were married on 28 January 1836.

Henry MATTOCKS Esquire died on 16 April 1844.

Spouse: Martha Osgood PORTER-6423. Martha Osgood PORTER and Henry MATTOCKS Esquire were married on 18 September 1839.

Kateřina MATYAŠEK was born. Parents: Tomaš MATYAŠEK-26125 and Kateřina -26126.

Spouse: Josef CIŽEK-26121. Kateřina MATYAŠEK and Josef CIŽEK were married. Children were: Josef CIŽEK-26127, Katerina CIŽEK-26128, Frantisek CIŽEK-26129, Jan CIŽEK-275, Tomaš CIŽEK-26130, Maria Anna CIŽEK-26131, Vaclav CIŽEK-26132, Veronika CIŽEK-26133.

Tomaš MATYAŠEK was born.

Spouse: Kateřina -26126. Kateřina and Tomaš MATYAŠEK were married. Children were: Kateřina MATYAŠEK-26122.

Conrad MAUER (private).

Spouse: Gertraut CHRISTMAN-19119. Gertraut CHRISTMAN and Conrad MAUER were married on 3 February 1819.

James MAURER (private).

Spouse: Katherine PETERSON-155. Katherine PETERSON and James MAURER were married.

Denise MAVENCAMP (private).

Spouse: Kerry Clayton KRAMBER-20360. Denise MAVENCAMP and Kerry Clayton KRAMBER were married in 1974. Children were: Eric KRAMBER-20362, Neil KRAMBER-20363.

Harriet Bigelon MAXSON (private).

Spouse: William DYER-4619. Harriet Bigelon MAXSON and William DYER were married on 8 March 1866.

Arlie MAXWELL was born on 7 December 1893. She died on 29 April 1982 at the age of 88. Parents: Frank MAXWELL-17191 and Minnie SLOSSON-17190.

Spouse: Elmer BRYAN-20197. Arlie MAXWELL and Elmer BRYAN were married on 3 September 1914. Children were: Maxwell BRYAN-20198.

Eleanor MAXWELL (private).

Spouse: Ebenezer DYER-6461. Eleanor MAXWELL and Ebenezer DYER were married in 1818.

Ethel M. MAXWELL was born on 20 May 1891. She died on 26 May 1968 at the age of 77 in Plentywood,Sheridan,Montana. Parents: Frank MAXWELL-17191 and Minnie SLOSSON-17190.

Spouse: Leonard RUE-20189. Ethel M. MAXWELL and Leonard RUE were married on 7 March 1912. Children were: Stanley RUE-20190, Roy RUE-20192.

Fay MAXWELL was born in January 1888 in Balfour,McHenry,North Dakota. Parents: Frank MAXWELL-17191 and Minnie SLOSSON-17190.

Frances Rebecca MAXWELL was born in 1864. She died on 12 April 1939 at the age of 75 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. She was buried in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Parents: John MAXWELL-24177.

Spouse: Thomas Elliott DYER-4895. Frances Rebecca MAXWELL and Thomas Elliott DYER were married on 6 September 1893 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Children were: Pauline DYER-5825.

Frank MAXWELL was also known as Robert. He died in Balfour,McHenry,North Dakota.

Spouse: Minnie SLOSSON-17190. Minnie SLOSSON and Frank MAXWELL were married on 15 November 1883. Children were: Fay MAXWELL-20187, Ethel M. MAXWELL-20188, Arlie MAXWELL-20196.

James Alexander MAXWELL was born in 1762 in , Armagh, Ireland.

Spouse: Elizabeth HILL-13852. Elizabeth HILL and James Alexander MAXWELL were married.

Jane MAXWELL (private).

Spouse: Ebenezer SIMONTON-6645. Jane MAXWELL and Ebenezer SIMONTON were married. Children were: Anna SIMONTON-6644, Andrew SIMONTON-6658.

John MAXWELL (private).

Spouse: Anna DYER-6453. Anna DYER and John MAXWELL were married.

John MAXWELL (private).

Children were: Frances Rebecca MAXWELL-4894.

Robert Frank MAXWELL (private).

Spouse: Jessie Mae SLOSSON-17194. Jessie Mae SLOSSON and Robert Frank MAXWELL were married.

Kathleen MAY (private).

Spouse: James LeRoy STELTON-23628. Kathleen MAY and James LeRoy STELTON were married on 28 December 1965. Children were: Shirley Kay STELTON-23706.

Charles MAYER was born in 1811. He died in 1890 at the age of 79. He was also known as Moyer. Parents: Jacob MAYER-16992 and Catrina VAN SLYK-16991.

Spouse: Margaret CHRISTMAN-17426. Margaret CHRISTMAN and Charles MAYER were married on 7 June 1835 in Little Falls,Herkimer,New York. Children were: Mary Elisabeth MAYER-19329.

Jacob MAYER was also known as Moyer Myers.

Spouse: Catrina VAN SLYK-16991. Catrina VAN SLYK and Jacob MAYER were married. Children were: Charles MAYER-17427.

Mary Elisabeth MAYER was born on 16 August 1836. Parents: Charles MAYER-17427 and Margaret CHRISTMAN-17426.

Doris Leone MAYNARD was born on 1 September 1927. Parents: Ernest MAYNARD-20117 and Lois KNAPP-20118.

Spouse: Merle Adney CHRISTMAN-3702. Doris Leone MAYNARD and Merle Adney CHRISTMAN were married on 26 December 1949. Children were: Kenneth Arden CHRISTMAN-20120, James William CHRISTMAN-20122, John Christopher CHRISTMAN-20124, Robin Wayne CHRISTMAN-20125.

Spouse: Glen BANKS-20119. Doris Leone MAYNARD and Glen BANKS were married.

Ernest MAYNARD (private).

Spouse: Lois KNAPP-20118. Lois KNAPP and Ernest MAYNARD were married. Children were: Doris Leone MAYNARD-12143, Sylvia Frances MAYNARD-20128.

Julia Edmunds MAYNARD was born on 4 January 1848.

Spouse: John Beekman DYER-2580. Julia Edmunds MAYNARD and John Beekman DYER were married on 16 May 1866. Children were: Clara Edmunds DYER-3215, Ralph Maynard DYER-3216, John Wild DYER-3217.