Thomas HOPKINS (private).

Spouse: Keturah DYER-3047. Keturah DYER and Thomas HOPKINS were married on 25 April 1754.

Uriah HOPKINS (private).

Spouse: Chloe DYER-1939. Chloe DYER and Uriah HOPKINS were married on 21 January 1801.

Wayne HOPKINS was born on 16 February 1913 in Fairfax,Renville,Minnesota. He died on 26 February 1985 at the age of 72 in Pickerington,Fairfield,Ohio. He was buried in Fort Ridgely, Nicollet, Minnesota. Parents: Frank Hayner HOPKINS-17205 and Estella J. SCHRAMM-17206.

Spouse: Belva CORNELL-20264. Belva CORNELL and Wayne HOPKINS were married on 4 November 1940 in Fairfax,Renville,Minnesota. Children were: Cornell HOPKINS-20267.

William HOPKINS (private).

Children were: Frances HOPKINS-22531.

William H Erbert HOPKINS (private).

Spouse: Sharon Lynn DYER-10230. Sharon Lynn DYER and William H Erbert HOPKINS were married on 16 October 1970.

Hannah HOPKINSON was born.

Spouse: Humphrey DYER Junior-6722. Hannah HOPKINSON and Humphrey DYER Junior were married on 7 December 1809.

Glenn HOPPENRATH (private).

Spouse: Beatrice Jane GOODRICH-19737. Beatrice Jane GOODRICH and Glenn HOPPENRATH were married on 11 October 1946. Children were: Yvonni Marie HOPPENRATH-19810, Robert Glenn HOPPENRATH-19812.

Robert Glenn HOPPENRATH (private). Parents: Glenn HOPPENRATH-19738 and Beatrice Jane GOODRICH-19737.

Yvonni Marie HOPPENRATH (private). Parents: Glenn HOPPENRATH-19738 and Beatrice Jane GOODRICH-19737.

Spouse: Michael GONEADL-19811. Yvonni Marie HOPPENRATH and Michael GONEADL were married.

Frances Anna Jones HOPPIN (private).

Spouse: Elisha DYER-3864. Frances Anna Jones HOPPIN and Elisha DYER were married on 8 October 1833. Children were: Henry Lyman DYER-22521, Thomas Hoppin DYER-22522, Elisha DYER-3866, Anna Jones DYER-3867, Gabriel Vernon DYER-3868, William Jones DYER-3869.

Eliza HOPPS was born on 26 May 1820 in Saint-David, New Brunswick, Canada. She died on 5 November 1899 at the age of 79 in Aurora, Kane, Illinois, United States. Parents: John HOPPS-22005 and Martha BRADFORD-22006.

Spouse: Stillman HILL-13844. Eliza HOPPS and Stillman HILL were married about 1845. Children were: Augustus W. HILL-22007, George M. HILL-22008, Thomas Jefferson HILL-22009, Randolph HILL-22010, Lydia M. HILL-22011, Milton Stillman HILL-22012, Ernest Oscar HILL-22013, Arthur W. HILL-22014, Minnie B. HILL-22015.

John HOPPS (private).

Spouse: Martha BRADFORD-22006. Martha BRADFORD and John HOPPS were married. Children were: Eliza HOPPS-22004.

Christina Gwendolyn HOPTON was born on 6 February 1911 in Montréal, Quebec, Canada. She died in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Parents: George Vernon HOPTON-13602 and Beatrice Lillian MARTIN-13603.

Spouse: Leon Harold MITCHELL-7276. Christina Gwendolyn HOPTON and Leon Harold MITCHELL were married. Children were: Beatrice Laura MITCHELL-13604, Patricia Mary MITCHELL-13606, Sandra Gaile MITCHELL-13608.

George Vernon HOPTON (private).

Spouse: Beatrice Lillian MARTIN-13603. Beatrice Lillian MARTIN and George Vernon HOPTON were married. Children were: Christina Gwendolyn HOPTON-13601.

Anastasia HORAČEK was born in 1879. Parents: Josef HORAČEK-117 and Marie PECHOUŠKOVA-116.

Franziska HORAČEK was born in 1887. Parents: Josef HORAČEK-117 and Marie PECHOUŠKOVA-116.

Josef HORAČEK was born in 1845.

Spouse: Marie PECHOUŠKOVA-116. Marie PECHOUŠKOVA and Josef HORAČEK were married. Children were: Anastasia HORAČEK-119, Josef HORAČEK-118, Maria HORAČEK-25122, Franziska HORAČEK-25123.

Josef HORAČEK was born in 1881. He died probably 1898 at the age of 17. Parents: Josef HORAČEK-117 and Marie PECHOUŠKOVA-116.

Maria HORAČEK was born in 1883. Parents: Josef HORAČEK-117 and Marie PECHOUŠKOVA-116.

Adella HORLITZ (private).

Spouse: Ralph Payson HENRY-21611. Adella HORLITZ and Ralph Payson HENRY were married on 20 August 1931.

John HORN (private).

Spouse: Jemima DYER-6311. Jemima DYER and John HORN were married.

Robert HORNER (private).

Spouse: Lucille BOROURICK-23550. Lucille BOROURICK and Robert HORNER were married on 23 March 1967.

Christopher Edward HORSMANN was born on 16 October 1997. Parents: Gerald Anthony HORSMANN-24087 and Cozette Leontine CASEY-24082.

Gerald Anthony HORSMANN (private).

Spouse: Cozette Leontine CASEY-24082. Cozette Leontine CASEY and Gerald Anthony HORSMANN were married on 17 October 1973. Children were: Christopher Edward HORSMANN-24088.

John HORTON (private).

Spouse: Ruth STROUT-5936. Ruth STROUT and John HORTON were married. Children were: Joshua HORTON-6468.

Joshua HORTON was born on 27 November 1742. He died on 11 March 1814 at the age of 71 in Blue Hill, Hancock, Maine. Parents: John HORTON-5937 and Ruth STROUT-5936.

Spouse: Anna DYER-6472. Anna DYER and Joshua HORTON were married on 19 March 1763 in Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland, Maine, United States.

Mary Ann HORTON (private).

Spouse: John GRANT-12873. Mary Ann HORTON and John GRANT were married. Children were: Hannah Abigail GRANT-1182.

Paul HORTON (private).

Spouse: Karen CHRISTMAN-20143. Karen CHRISTMAN and Paul HORTON were married.

Rebecca HORTON was born about 1764. She died on 17 October 1823 at the age of 59. She was buried in South Gorham, Cumberland, Maine, United States.

Spouse: William Samuel DYER-6434. Rebecca HORTON and William Samuel DYER were married on 11 October 1792. Children were: Eleanor DYER-5241, Horton DYER-6429, Samuel DYER-5340, William DYER-5563, Nathan DYER-6428, Deborah DYER-5562, Ruth H DYER-5339, Amelia DYER-6435, James DYER-5338, Horton DYER-5337, Lavinia DYER-6427, William DYER-6426.

Spouse: William HUSTON Captain-6432. Rebecca HORTON and William HUSTON Captain were married on 11 January 1784. Children were: Betsy HUSTON-6431.

William H HOSMER (private).

Spouse: Susanna Wadsworth Smith DYER-2591. Susanna Wadsworth Smith DYER and William H HOSMER were married on 14 July 1842.

Maria HOSNEDLOVA was born on 15 August 1890 in Sestryatin, Ukraine. She died on 16 December 1973 at the age of 83 in Dlouhosyje, Ukraine, USSR.

Spouse: Josef PECHOUŠEK-112. Maria HOSNEDLOVA and Josef PECHOUŠEK were married in 1909 in Radzivilov, Ukraine , USSR. Children were: Jaroslav PECHOUŠEK-161, Jirinka PECHOUŠKOVA-9461, Karlicek PECHOUŠEK-9460, Marjanka PECHOUŠKOVA-9459, Maria Mana PECHOUŠKOVA-162, Karel PECHOUŠEK-163, Josef PECHOUŠEK-164, Vladimir PECHOUŠEK-165.

Esther Ann HOUGH was born on 25 October 1815. She died on 2 June 1872 at the age of 56.

Spouse: Ebenezer Porter DYER-2240. Esther Ann HOUGH and Ebenezer Porter DYER were married on 2 December 1838 in Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut, United States. Children were: Ebenezer Porter DYER-2818, Henry Lockwood DYER-2819, Mary Lockwood DYER-2822, Helen Amelia DYER-2820, Sarah Elizabeth DYER-2821, Esther Genevieve DYER-2823, Edward Norris DYER-2824, Francis Henry DYER-2825, Samuel Hough DYER-2826, Martha Louisa DYER-2827.

Lydia HOUGH died in 1774.

Spouse: Joseph DYER-1728. Lydia HOUGH and Joseph DYER were married on 19 December 1717 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States. Children were: Joseph DYER Junior-1770, William DYER-1771.

Noah HOUGH (private).

Spouse: Mary -5964. Mary and Noah HOUGH were married. Children were: Reuel HOUGH-5966.

Reuel HOUGH was born in 1815. He died on 27 June 1886 at the age of 71. Parents: Noah HOUGH-5965 and Mary -5964.

Spouse: Rebecca W DYER-6024. Rebecca W DYER and Reuel HOUGH were married on 29 April 1843 in Addison, Washington, Maine.

John Newell HOUGHTON (private).

Spouse: Josephine Maria DYER-2624. Josephine Maria DYER and John Newell HOUGHTON were married on 9 June 1852.

Blanche Adelia Mae "Bee" HOUSE was born on 13 August 1901 in Oswego, Oswego, New York, United States. She died on 22 December 1994 at the age of 93 in Guilford,New Haven,Connecticut. Parents: Eugene Dewitt HOUSE-17185 and Ola Twilight HOUSE-17184.

Spouse: Benjamin Peter CROWELL-19574. Blanche Adelia Mae "Bee" HOUSE and Benjamin Peter CROWELL were married on 23 October 1926. Children were: Blanche Elenore "Ellie" CROWELL-19575, Barton House CROWELL-19581.

Catherine HOUSE (private). Parents: Oscar George HOUSE-17178 and Kate WESTLY-17179.

Charles J. HOUSE was born in 1856 in Amboy,Oswego,New York. Parents: Henry HOUSE-17155 and Mary Delia CHRISTMAN-17154.

Denzel HOUSE was buried in West Amboy, Oswego, New York, United States. Parents: Henry HOUSE-17155 and Mary Delia CHRISTMAN-17154.

Donald Gordon HOUSE was born in 1957.

Spouse: Pamela Louise GOLDEN-1488. Pamela Louise GOLDEN and Donald Gordon HOUSE were married.

Edward HOUSE was born in 1901. Parents: Nicholas M. HOUSE-17172 and Cora JOHNSON-17173.

Spouse: Josephine -19556. Josephine and Edward HOUSE were married. Children were: Edward HOUSE-19557.

Edward HOUSE was born in 1922. Parents: Edward HOUSE-19555 and Josephine -19556.

Ella Jane HOUSE was born on 10 April 1853 in West Amboy, Oswego, New York, United States. She died on 3 December 1920 at the age of 67 in Amboy,Oswego,New York. She was buried in Baldwinsville,Onondaga,New York. Parents: Henry HOUSE-17155 and Mary Delia CHRISTMAN-17154.

Spouse: Patrick DOYLE-17169. Ella Jane HOUSE and Patrick DOYLE were married in 1871. Children were: Anna Belle DOYLE-19548.

Spouse: Alonzo W. FRAVOR-17170. Ella Jane HOUSE and Alonzo W. FRAVOR were married. Children were: Myra Adaline FRAVOR-19554, Charles Henry FRAVOR-19633, Mary Adevelder FRAVOR-19655, Cecil F. FRAVOR-19662.

Eugene Dewitt HOUSE died on 12 September 1912. He was born in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, United States.

Spouse: Ola Twilight HOUSE-17184. Ola Twilight HOUSE and Eugene Dewitt HOUSE were married on 17 October 1894. Children were: Blanche Adelia Mae "Bee" HOUSE-19573.

Fowler H. HOUSE was born in 1869 in Amboy,Oswego,New York. He died in 1900 at the age of 31. Parents: Henry HOUSE-17155 and Mary Delia CHRISTMAN-17154.

Spouse: Mary -17181. Mary and Fowler H. HOUSE were married.

Spouse: Hattie -17182. Hattie and Fowler H. HOUSE were married.

Friend H. HOUSE was born in 1858 in Amboy,Oswego,New York. He died in 1916 at the age of 58. Parents: Henry HOUSE-17155 and Mary Delia CHRISTMAN-17154.

Spouse: Hannah WARE-17175. Hannah WARE and Friend H. HOUSE were married in 1903. Children were: Slyverde HOUSE-19558, Grace HOUSE-19559.

George HOUSE (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth YULE-17937. Elizabeth YULE and George HOUSE were married.

Gertrude HOUSE was born in 1890. She died in 1978 at the age of 88. Parents: Oscar George HOUSE-17178 and Kate WESTLY-17179.

Spouse: George HEINLON-19563. Gertrude HOUSE and George HEINLON were married. Children were: Sara HEINLON-19564, Ruth HEINLON-19566.

Grace HOUSE (private). Parents: Friend H. HOUSE-17174 and Hannah WARE-17175.