Michael Austin HILTZ was born on 2 November 1990. Parents: Guy Michael HILTZ-11304 and Catherine Alice PALMER-11364.

Patrick Charles HILTZ was born on 25 February 1914.

Spouse: Ida Mae BROOKS-1372. Ida Mae BROOKS and Patrick Charles HILTZ were married on 17 November 1945. Children were: Sheldon Phillip HILTZ-11307, Randall Patrick HILTZ-11308.

Randall Patrick HILTZ was born on 13 June 1951 in Sherridon, Manitoba, Canada. He died on 13 July 1969 at the age of 18 in Lynn Lake, , Manitoba. Parents: Patrick Charles HILTZ-11306 and Ida Mae BROOKS-1372.

Spouse: Hazel Dawn MELON-11309. Hazel Dawn MELON and Randall Patrick HILTZ were married before 1984. Children were: Waneata Randi MELON-11310.

Sandy Sharon HILTZ was born on 11 April 1950. Parents: Jack (John Henry ) HILTZ-11331 and Cora Fanny BROOKS-1373.

Spouse: Robert James ERNST-11335. Sandy Sharon HILTZ and Robert James ERNST were married on 14 May 1973.

Spouse: Byron Floyd BYER-11336. Sandy Sharon HILTZ and Byron Floyd BYER were married on 24 June 1986. Children were: Jesse Floyd Dale BYER-11337.

Sheldon Phillip HILTZ was born on 10 April 1947. Parents: Patrick Charles HILTZ-11306 and Ida Mae BROOKS-1372.

Spouse: Susan Ann LONTZ-11311. Susan Ann LONTZ and Sheldon Phillip HILTZ were married on 18 August 1972. Children were: Bonnie Marie HILTZ-11312, Barbara Stacey HILTZ-11313.

Shelly May HILTZ was born on 13 February 1971. Parents: Garth Edward HILTZ-11300 and Marjorie SANDERSON-11301.

Spouse: Chadwick Ronald AUST-11366. Shelly May HILTZ and Chadwick Ronald AUST were married on 4 November 1989. Children were: Tad Ryan AUST-11367, Haley Malissa AUST-11368.

Thomas HILYARD (private).

Spouse: Matilda DYER-4899. Matilda DYER and Thomas HILYARD were married on 6 April 1837.

Samuel HINCKES (private).

Children were: Samuel HINCKES Junior-6195.

Samuel HINCKES Junior was born in 1718 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States. He died about 1804 at the age of 86 in Bucksport, Hancock, Maine, United States. Parents: Samuel HINCKES-6194.

Spouse: Susanna DYER-3043. Susanna DYER and Samuel HINCKES Junior were married on 10 November 1755 in Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts.

Albion HINCKLEY was born in 1834 in Cherryfield, Washington, Maine. He died in 1898 at the age of 64 in Millbridge, Washington, Maine.

Spouse: Hannah EVANS-15896. Hannah EVANS and Albion HINCKLEY were married about 30 August 1862 in Millbridge, Washington, Maine. Children were: Geneva M HINCKLEY-15898.

Geneva M HINCKLEY was born on 15 April 1879 in Cherryfield, Washington, Maine. She died on 20 August 1954 at the age of 75 in Millbridge, Washington, Maine. Parents: Albion HINCKLEY-15897 and Hannah EVANS-15896.

Spouse: Foster E SMALL-15899. Geneva M HINCKLEY and Foster E SMALL were married on 20 November 1895 in Millbridge, Washington, Maine. Children were: Sadie SMALL-15901.

Spouse: Bartlett BROWN-15900. Geneva M HINCKLEY and Bartlett BROWN were married after 1919 in Millbridge, Washington, Maine.

Hannah HINCKLEY (private).

Spouse: Ebenezer DYER Junior-3050. Hannah HINCKLEY and Ebenezer DYER Junior were married on 27 September 1745. Children were: Hannah DYER-6376, Benjamin DYER-6375, Elizabeth DYER-6374, Martha DYER-6373, Dinah DYER-6372, Sarah DYER-6371, Ebenezer DYER-6370, Abraham DYER-6369, Ruth DYER-6368.

Samuel HINCKLEY (private).

Spouse: Sarah -14193. Sarah and Samuel HINCKLEY were married. Children were: Sarah HINCKLEY-14166.

Sarah HINCKLEY (private). Parents: Samuel HINCKLEY-14192 and Sarah -14193.

Spouse: Henry COBB-14165. Sarah HINCKLEY and Henry COBB were married. Children were: Jonathan COBB-14147.

Elva HINMAN was born.

Spouse: David A DYER-4648. Elva HINMAN and David A DYER were married.

Elizabeth HINSMAN (private).

Spouse: William Franklin DYER-4312. Elizabeth HINSMAN and William Franklin DYER were married on 17 August 1867. Children were: George W DYER-8105.

Ernst HINZ (private).

Spouse: Louisa THIEDE-16045. Louisa THIEDE and Ernst HINZ were married.

Dave HIRSH (private).

Spouse: Stacy CROUCH-23664. Stacy CROUCH and Dave HIRSH were married on 22 July 1995.

Natalie S HISCOCK died estimated 1929. She was buried in Farmington, Franklin, Maine.

Spouse: Walter Elmon DYER-3296. Natalie S HISCOCK and Walter Elmon DYER were married on 5 June 1904 in West Farmington, Franklin, Maine. Children were: Colon Lincoln DYER-10315.

Margaret HITCHCOCK (private).

Spouse: James EMERY-2181. Margaret HITCHCOCK and James EMERY were married on 18 December 1685. Children were: Margaret EMERY-2945, James EMERY Junior-2740, Lydia EMERY-2946, Frances EMERY-2947, Rebecca EMERY-2948, Samuel EMERY-2949, Elizabeth EMERY-2950, Thomas EMERY-2951, Lucretia EMERY-1683.

Cynthia HITCHMAN (private).

Spouse: Bruce R WOOD-14602. Cynthia HITCHMAN and Bruce R WOOD were married on 28 October 1978. Children were: Candace Eve WOOD-14604, Alexander Bruce WOOD-14605, Alicia Dawn WOOD-14606, Bryanna Jane WOOD-14607.

Anita Beatrice HIX was born on 15 October 1930. Parents: Walter William HIX-20645 and Madge PORTER-20646.

Spouse: Charles Francis CALLAHAN II-20643. Anita Beatrice HIX and Charles Francis CALLAHAN II were married on 28 July 1951. Children were: Charles Francis CALLAHAN III-20650, Kathryn Lynn CALLAHAN-20657, Michael Allen CALLAHAN-20661, Patricia Elaine CALLAHAN-20662, Theodore R. CALLAHAN-20665, Elizabeth Ann CALLAHAN-20669.

Walter William HIX (private).

Spouse: Madge PORTER-20646. Madge PORTER and Walter William HIX were married. Children were: Anita Beatrice HIX-20644.

Alpha HJEHN (private).

Spouse: Stanley RUE-20190. Alpha HJEHN and Stanley RUE were married on 19 June 1936.

Anna HLAVACEK was born. Parents: Josef HLAVACEK-3389.

Spouse: Václav PRACHAR-3387. Anna HLAVACEK and Václav PRACHAR were married on 4 November 1770. Children were: Josef PRACHAR-3385.

Edward R HLAVACEK was born on 21 August 1898. He died in January 1971 at the age of 72 in Salem, Marion, Oregon, United States.

Spouse: Antoinette E PECHOUŠKOVA-114. Antoinette E PECHOUŠKOVA and Edward R HLAVACEK were married in 1922 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States.

Josef HLAVACEK was born.

Children were: Anna HLAVACEK-3388.

Edward Frank HLAVACHEK was born on 13 July 1916 in Brillion,Calumet,Wisconsin. He died on 25 January 1978 at the age of 61 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. He has reference number Mary interview.

Spouse: Mary Olive LOCKWOOD-16440. Mary Olive LOCKWOOD and Edward Frank HLAVACHEK were married on 6 August 1960. Children were: Rose Marie HLAVACHEK-16535, Gladys Ann HLAVACHEK-16536.

Gladys Ann HLAVACHEK was born on 13 April 1965. She has reference number subject interview. Parents: Edward Frank HLAVACHEK-16534 and Mary Olive LOCKWOOD-16440.

Spouse: David ALBANESE-16537. Gladys Ann HLAVACHEK and David ALBANESE were married.

Rose Marie HLAVACHEK was born on 13 December 1960. She has reference number Mary interview. Parents: Edward Frank HLAVACHEK-16534 and Mary Olive LOCKWOOD-16440.

Anna HOAGLAND was born on 8 November 1808. She died on 1 December 1865 at the age of 57. She was buried in Shunk, Sullivan, Pennsylvania, United States.

Spouse: Perus WILLIAMS-24026. Anna HOAGLAND and Perus WILLIAMS were married. Children were: Rebecca WILLIAMS-7172.

Mary HOAGLAND died about 1865.

Spouse: John MINARD-23529. Mary HOAGLAND and John MINARD were married on 4 April 1833 in Elkland,Sullivan,Pennsylvania. Children were: Amanda MINARD-23533, Wealthy Ann MINARD-23534, George MINARD-23535.

Sarah HOAGLUND (private).

Spouse: James S MINARD-484. Sarah HOAGLUND and James S MINARD were married after 1853.

Elihu HOBART (private). Parents: Elihu HOBART-3769 and Sally DYER-2233.

Spouse: Mary DYER-4774. Mary DYER and Elihu HOBART were married on 1 January 1818.

Elihu HOBART was born in 1785. He died in 1842 at the age of 57.

Spouse: Sally DYER-2233. Sally DYER and Elihu HOBART were married on 1 January 1818. Children were: Sarah HOBART-3770, Eliza HOBART-3771, Elihu HOBART-3772.

Eliza HOBART (private). Parents: Elihu HOBART-3769 and Sally DYER-2233.

Elizabeth Augusta HOBART (private).

Spouse: Simeon Dexter DYER-4337. Elizabeth Augusta HOBART and Simeon Dexter DYER were married about 1863. Children were: Ellen Maria DYER-4355.

John HOBART (private).

Spouse: Deborah WHITE-7868. Deborah WHITE and John HOBART were married. Children were: Lydia HOBART-4151.

Lydia HOBART was born in 1784. She died in 1827 at the age of 43. Parents: John HOBART-7867 and Deborah WHITE-7868.

Spouse: Lieutenant Abraham DYER-4150. Lydia HOBART and Lieutenant Abraham DYER were married on 26 October 1803 in Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States. Children were: Lydia Hobart DYER-4152, Abraham DYER-4153, Eliza H DYER-4154, John H DYER-4155, Peter Washington DYER-4073, Isaac Newton DYER-4157, Caleb Hobart DYER-4156, Jacob Monroe DYER-4158, Deborah A H DYER-4093.

Martha HOBART (private).

Spouse: Joseph BASSETT-5440. Martha HOBART and Joseph BASSETT were married in 1677.

Sarah HOBART (private). Parents: Elihu HOBART-3769 and Sally DYER-2233.

Sarah HOBART (private).

Spouse: Nehemiah TAYLOR-7823. Sarah HOBART and Nehemiah TAYLOR were married. Children were: Sally THAYER-4290.

Martin C HOBERT (private).

Spouse: Sarah DYER-2608. Sarah DYER and Martin C HOBERT were married on 30 June 1866.

Josephus HOBEZ was born estimated 1750 in Lhota u Kestran, Pisek, Bohemia, Czech Republic.

Spouse: Katerina PECHOUŠKOVA-25409. Katerina PECHOUŠKOVA and Josephus HOBEZ were married on 2 June 1772 in Lhota u Kestran, Pisek, Bohemia, Czech Republic.

Susan Brown HODKINS (private).

Spouse: James Dyer KNIGHT-5302. Susan Brown HODKINS and James Dyer KNIGHT were married on 8 April 1832.

Sarah A HODSDON was born calculated 1830. She died on 11 February 1878 at the age of 48. She was buried in South Gorham, Cumberland, Maine, United States. Parents: Timothy HODSDON-5227 and Nancy -5226.

Spouse: William M DYER-5237. Sarah A HODSDON and William M DYER were married on 21 December 1854. Children were: Arthur E DYER-5233, Cora E DYER-5232, Ivory L DYER-5231, Helen L DYER-5230.

Timothy HODSDON was buried in South Gorham, Cumberland, Maine, United States.

Spouse: Nancy -5226. Nancy and Timothy HODSDON were married. Children were: Sarah A HODSDON-5234.

HOFF (private).

Spouse: Patricia Ann GRIFFIN-20592. Patricia Ann GRIFFIN and HOFF were married.

Phylis Karen HOFFBECK was born on 7 April 1946 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States. She died on 14 May 2009 at the age of 63 in New Prague, Scott, Minnesota.

Spouse: Donald John SCHULTZ-25051. Phylis Karen HOFFBECK and Donald John SCHULTZ were married on 8 April 1972 in Savage, Scott, Minnesota, United States. Children were: Anthony John SCHULTZ-25078, Lisa Marie SCHULTZ-25079, Pamela Margaret SCHULTZ-25080, Dana Karen SCHULTZ-25591, Stephen Andrew SCHULTZ-25594, Theresa Angela SCHULTZ-25597.

HOFFMAN (private).

Spouse: Emma PRESCOTT-11263. Emma PRESCOTT and HOFFMAN were married.