Harlan HEROTH was born in 1913. Parents: William HEROTH-17787 and Ethel CHRISTMAN-17786.

Spouse: Gloria SMITH-17789. Gloria SMITH and Harlan HEROTH were married. Children were: Carol HEROTH-17790, Harlan "Sonny" HEROTH Junior-17791.

Jeffrey HEROTH (private). Parents: Milton HEROTH-17800.

Spouse: Paula EDWARDS-17802. Paula EDWARDS and Jeffrey HEROTH were married.

Jeremy HEROTH (private). Parents: Paul HEROTH-17626 and Roxanne CHRISTMAN-17625.

Kimberly Jo HEROTH (private). Parents: Shirley Ann HEROTH-17798.

Milton HEROTH (private). Parents: William HEROTH-17787 and Ethel CHRISTMAN-17786.

Children were: Jeffrey HEROTH-17801.

Olin HEROTH (private). Parents: William HEROTH-17787 and Ethel CHRISTMAN-17786.

Paul HEROTH (private). Parents: Austin HEROTH-17795.

Spouse: Roxanne CHRISTMAN-17625. Roxanne CHRISTMAN and Paul HEROTH were married. Children were: Jeremy HEROTH-17627, Brent HEROTH-17628.

Shirley Ann HEROTH (private). Parents: Clayton HEROTH-17796 and Ada HAYNER-17797.

Children were: Kimberly Jo HEROTH-17799.

Tammy HEROTH (private). Parents: Harlan "Sonny" HEROTH Junior-17791 and Mary lou PONZI-17792.

William HEROTH (private).

Spouse: Ethel CHRISTMAN-17786. Ethel CHRISTMAN and William HEROTH were married. Children were: Harlan HEROTH-17788, Austin HEROTH-17795, Clayton HEROTH-17796, Milton HEROTH-17800, Clifford HEROTH-17803, Olin HEROTH-17804, Beatrice HEROTH-17805, Gladys HEROTH-17806.

Rachel HERRICK (private).

Spouse: Samuel DYER-1886. Rachel HERRICK and Samuel DYER were married on 29 September 1799. Children were: Abigail DYER-10168, Eliza Mary DYER-10169, DYER-10170.

Donald Leroy HERRING was born about 1947.

Spouse: Linda Lee PRAUS-24611. Linda Lee PRAUS and Donald Leroy HERRING were married on 23 August 1969.

Hannah HERRINGTON was born on 15 May 1741 in Smithfield, Providence, Rhode Island. She was christened on 10 June 1814 in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada. She died calculated 8 May 1836 at the age of 94 in Calais, Washington, Maine, United States. Hannah has reference number 161. Parents: Richard HARRINGTON-11964 and Abigail HAMMOND-11965.

Spouse: Jones DYER Senior-4701. Hannah HERRINGTON and Jones DYER Senior were married on 27 September 1761 in Smithfield, Providence, Rhode Island. Children were: James DYER Senior-4703, Mary Jones DYER-5344, Stephen H. DYER-2936, John DYER-2953, Martha DYER-5345, Jones DYER Junior-5297, Abigail DYER-5343, Nancy DYER-13813, Nathan DYER-5296.

HERSEY (private).

Spouse: Hannah DYER-2837. Hannah DYER and HERSEY were married.

Avery HERSEY (private).

Spouse: Charlotte DYER-2840. Charlotte DYER and Avery HERSEY were married on 1 June 1814.

Jacob HERSEY (private).

Spouse: Mary D GURNEY-3788. Mary D GURNEY and Jacob HERSEY were married.

Joseph HERSEY (private).

Children were: Lucy HERSEY-7087.

Joseph Odell Bogart HERSEY (private).

Spouse: Mary Knowles DYER-10507. Mary Knowles DYER and Joseph Odell Bogart HERSEY were married on 29 October 1843.

Lucy HERSEY (private). Parents: Joseph HERSEY-7088.

Spouse: James Bicknell DYER-3960. Lucy HERSEY and James Bicknell DYER were married in 1835. Children were: James DYER-7089, Abby DYER-7090, Lucy A DYER-7091, Henry B DYER-7092, Susan B DYER-7093, Samuel B DYER-7094, Mehitable DYER-7095, Amelia DYER-7096, Mariette DYER-7097.

Lucy HERSEY was born in 1846.

Spouse: Andrew H GURNEY-3790. Lucy HERSEY and Andrew H GURNEY were married.

Lydia HERSEY (private).

Spouse: John BROWN-7932. Lydia HERSEY and John BROWN were married. Children were: Mary BROWN-3933.

Elizabeth Anne HERSHAW was born on 9 December 1959. Parents: George Franklin HERSHAW-965 and Mary Elizabeth WYATT-958.

Spouse: Larry Allen HAKES-1339. Elizabeth Anne HERSHAW and Larry Allen HAKES were married on 7 August 1982. Children were: Jessie Ann HAKES-12939, Megan Elizabeth HAKES-12940.

George Franklin HERSHAW Senior (private).

Spouse: Grace KNIGHT-12937. Grace KNIGHT and George Franklin HERSHAW Senior were married. Children were: George Franklin HERSHAW-965.

George Franklin HERSHAW was born on 18 October 1920 in Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota, United States. He died on 9 November 1989 at the age of 69 in Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota, United States. Parents: George Franklin HERSHAW Senior-12938 and Grace KNIGHT-12937.

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth WYATT-958. Mary Elizabeth WYATT and George Franklin HERSHAW were married on 16 December 1954. Children were: Elizabeth Anne HERSHAW-1337, Thomas Donald HERSHAW-1338.

Thomas Donald HERSHAW was born on 27 February 1962. Parents: George Franklin HERSHAW-965 and Mary Elizabeth WYATT-958.

Alice Rosemary HESELTINE was born on 11 June 1920. She died on 25 August 1971 at the age of 51 in Montréal, Quebec, Canada.

Spouse: Terence Bawlf WINSLOW-14567. Alice Rosemary HESELTINE and Terence Bawlf WINSLOW were married on 17 August 1946 in Saint Agathe, Quebec. Children were: Barbara Alice WINSLOW-14662, John Hansard WINSLOW-14666.

Sylvia E HESELTINE (private).

Spouse: Mansur DYER-10166. Sylvia E HESELTINE and Mansur DYER were married. Children were: Louisa E. DYER-22885.

David H HESS (private).

Spouse: Mary Ann CYR-1455. Mary Ann CYR and David H HESS were married. Children were: Peter Hamilton HESS-1460, David Harold HESS Junior-1461.

David Harold HESS Junior was born in 1965. Parents: David H HESS-1459 and Mary Ann CYR-1455.

Janice Joyce HESS was born on 19 October 1952.

Spouse: Michael Richard CHRISTMAN-17675. Janice Joyce HESS and Michael Richard CHRISTMAN were married on 3 August 2001.

Spouse: CHIRIELEISON-25524. Janice Joyce HESS and CHIRIELEISON were married. Children were: Wendy Joy CHIRIELEISON-25525, Lisa Ann CHIRIELEISON-25526.

Margaret HESS was born about 1802.

Spouse: Adam NELLIS-17554. Margaret HESS and Adam NELLIS were married.

Matthew Blake HESS was born in 1993. Parents: Peter Hamilton HESS-1460 and Lisa -1462.

Perry HESS was born in 1991. Parents: Peter Hamilton HESS-1460 and Lisa -1462.

Peter Hamilton HESS was born in 1962. Parents: David H HESS-1459 and Mary Ann CYR-1455.

Spouse: Lisa -1462. Lisa and Peter Hamilton HESS were married. Children were: Perry HESS-1463, Matthew Blake HESS-1464.

Hilda HEUER was born on 19 August 1908 in Underwood, Otter Tail, Minnesota, United States. She died on 23 February 1990 at the age of 81 in Green Lake, Green Lake, Wisconsin, United States.

Spouse: George Robert STELTON-22406. Hilda HEUER and George Robert STELTON were married on 30 September 1927 in Fergus Falls,Otter Tail,Minnesota. Children were: Robert Dale STELTON-23573, Dean Ronald STELTON-23574, Marilyn Jean STELTON-23575.

Debbie HEWES (private). Parents: Harold HEWES-21825 and Delores Beatrice BAMFORD-21800.

Harold HEWES (private).

Spouse: Delores Beatrice BAMFORD-21800. Delores Beatrice BAMFORD and Harold HEWES were married. Children were: Jackie HEWES-21826, Debbie HEWES-21827.

Jackie HEWES (private). Parents: Harold HEWES-21825 and Delores Beatrice BAMFORD-21800.

Emiline HEWETT (private).

Spouse: John MCCRACKEN-14874. Emiline HEWETT and John MCCRACKEN were married. Children were: Rachel Jane Hewitt MCCRACKEN-14873.

Holly HEWKO (private).

Spouse: Larry Eugene JACKSON-15065. Holly HEWKO and Larry Eugene JACKSON were married. Children were: Brett William JACKSON-15273.

Jane HICKERNELL (private).

Spouse: Clark J. VAN SLYK-18668. Jane HICKERNELL and Clark J. VAN SLYK were married. Children were: Evabelle VAN SLYK-18710, DeEmma VAN SLYK-18711.

Mabelle HICKERNELL (private).

Spouse: Fayette Eugene VAN SLYK-18669. Mabelle HICKERNELL and Fayette Eugene VAN SLYK were married. Children were: Burt VAN SLYK-18715, Irene VAN SLYK-18716.

Mary HICKEY (private).

Spouse: John DYER-9028. Mary HICKEY and John DYER were married on 25 October 1754. Children were: James DYER-4633, Moses DYER-2494.

Elizabeth HICKS (private). Parents: Samuel HICKS-6385 and Lydia DOANE-8746.

Spouse: Francis SMALLEY-5335. Elizabeth HICKS and Francis SMALLEY were married. Children were: Samuel SMALL-2282.

Mary HICKS (private).

Spouse: Samuel SEABURY-20967. Mary HICKS and Samuel SEABURY were married. Children were: Rev. Charles SEABURY-20965, Violetta SEABURY-20971, Abigail SEABURY-20972, Mary SEABURY-20973, Samuel SEABURY-20974.

Mary Elizabeth HICKS was born on 16 October 1851 in Peru,Miami,Indiana. She died on 11 December 1926 at the age of 75 in Greenville, Darke, Ohio, United States.

Spouse: John E. HOWE-16807. Mary Elizabeth HICKS and John E. HOWE were married on 24 November 1871 in Coletown, Darke, Ohio, United States. Children were: Martha Ann HOWE-16833, Mary Edith HOWE-16809.

Samuel HICKS (private).

Spouse: Lydia DOANE-8746. Lydia DOANE and Samuel HICKS were married. Children were: Elizabeth HICKS-5334.

Abigail HIGGINS was born on 5 October 1777 in Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts. She died on 1 June 1871 at the age of 93 in Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland, Maine, United States. She has reference number 17. Abigail was buried in South Portland, Cumberland, Maine, United States. Parents: Reuben HIGGINS-3364 and Mercy or Mary DYER-4709.

Spouse: Nathaniel DYER-6873. Abigail HIGGINS and Nathaniel DYER were married on 27 March 1794 in Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland, Maine, United States. Children were: Jonah DYER-5397, Happy DYER-5398, Eliza DYER-6899, Elmira DYER-6900, Scott DYER-6901, Rufus DYER-6902, Arthur DYER-6868, Martha DYER-6903, Emily DYER-6904.

Andrew HIGGINS (private).

Spouse: Huldah H. HILL-18409. Huldah H. HILL and Andrew HIGGINS were married on 12 March 1873. Children were: Sarah HIGGINS-18413, Clifford HIGGINS-18414, Lester HIGGINS-18415, Frank HIGGINS-18416, Helen HIGGINS-18417.

Ann HIGGINS (private).

Spouse: Richard Norman DYER-4208. Ann HIGGINS and Richard Norman DYER were married in 1970.