Ava Seraphine was born in April 2000. Parents: Steve Rokosz -16283 and Kayla Renee ATKINS-15720.

Barb was born estimated 1945.

Spouse: Sidley KLASHNA-19773. Barb and Sidley KLASHNA were married.

Barbara (private).

Spouse: Nicholas WEBER-22302. Barbara and Nicholas WEBER were married. Children were: Catherine WEAVER-22301.

Barbara (private).

Spouse: Bruce ATKINS-15711. Barbara and Bruce ATKINS were married.

Barbara was born estimated 1837.

Spouse: Clarence "Fritz" CHRISTMAN-17765. Barbara and Clarence "Fritz" CHRISTMAN were married. Children were: Warren CHRISTMAN-17767.

Barbara was born estimated 1905.

Spouse: C. Wardwell WALLACE-12322. Barbara and C. Wardwell WALLACE were married.

Barbara was born estimated 1917.

Spouse: Henry POMEROY-15140. Barbara and Henry POMEROY were married.

Barbora (private). Parents: Vojtech TEREBOW-24268 and Ludmila -24269.

Spouse: Waclaw KYNDL-3407. Barbora and Waclaw KYNDL were married. Children were: Vaclav KINDL-24264.

Barbora was born calculated 1758.

Spouse: Franz Vincenz PECHOUĊ EK-22936.

Bernice was born estimated 1921.

Spouse: Maxwell BRYAN-20198. Bernice and Maxwell BRYAN were married. Children were: Michael Brian BRYAN-20200.

Berniece was born estimated 1877.

Spouse: Charles W WALLACE-12320. Berniece and Charles W WALLACE were married. Children were: C. Wardwell WALLACE-12322, Lura WALLACE-12324.

Beryl was born on 29 May 1913. She died in July 1981 at the age of 68 in Aberdeen,Grays Harbor,Washington.

Spouse: Chester R. BIBBINS-19529. Beryl and Chester R. BIBBINS were married.

Beth was born estimated 1938.

Spouse: Hal HOOD-20674. Beth and Hal HOOD were married. Children were: Alvin HOOD-20673.

Beth was born estimated 1939.

Spouse: Kenneth SPINNEY-21810. Beth and Kenneth SPINNEY were married. Children were: Kenneth SPINNEY-21841.

Beth was born estimated 1970.

Spouse: Kenneth SPINNEY-21841. Beth and Kenneth SPINNEY were married. Children were: Alexandria SPINNEY-21886.

Bethany was born on 18 August 1995. Parents: Unknown -23837 and Trisha KUNDERT-23836.

Betsey was born on 19 March 1777. He died on 9 April 1858 at the age of 81. He was buried in Burlington Flats, Otsego, New York.

Spouse: Amasa DYER-4021. Amasa DYER and Betsey were married.

Betsey was born estimated 1799.

Spouse: Ebenezer DYER-8215. Betsey and Ebenezer DYER were married. Children were: Benjamin DYER-8213, Joshua DYER-8220.

Betty was born estimated 1920.

Spouse: Thor SKONNORD-22. Betty and Thor SKONNORD were married. Children were: Pamela SKONNORD-3376, Thor SKONNORD-3375.

Betty was born estimated 1937.

Spouse: David E. CRISTMAN-349. Betty and David E. CRISTMAN were married.

Betty was born estimated 1949.

Spouse: Thomas Eugene SULLIVAN-19788. Betty and Thomas Eugene SULLIVAN were married.

Blanche was born estimated 1891.

Spouse: Charlie M. MCCOY-11489. Blanche and Charlie M. MCCOY were married.

Blanche was born estimated 1908.

Spouse: Harry ROBINSON-18296. Blanche and Harry ROBINSON were married. Children were: Jeannie ROBINSON-18327.

Bonnie (private).

Spouse: Thomas Clarkson WYATT II-931. Bonnie and Thomas Clarkson WYATT II were married about 1951.

boy was born in April 2004. Parents: Alicia TUTHILL-564.

Brandon (private). Parents: Michelle KUNZ-20998.

Byrl Raymond was born estimated 1961. Parents: Robert LANE-15704 and Shirley Jean HANSON-489.

Caroline B was born in 1839. She died in 1871 at the age of 32.

Spouse: George Whitefield DYER-3575. Caroline B and George Whitefield DYER were married in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States.

Catherine (private).

Spouse: Leonard MILLER-19759. Catherine and Leonard MILLER were married. Children were: Lee MILLER-19713.

Catherine died after 1680. She has Ancestral File Number 8NT7-2J.

Spouse: William DYRE-2100. Catherine and William DYRE were married in 1662. Children were: Elizabeth DYER-2279.

Catherine died on 11 September 1999 in Ormond Beach, Volusia, Florida.

Spouse: Terrance DOUGHERTY-13897. Catherine and Terrance DOUGHERTY were married.

Catherine was born calculated 1782 in New Hampshire, United States.

Spouse: Joseph W. GLIDDEN-21990. Catherine and Joseph W. GLIDDEN were married. Children were: Sarah GLIDDEN-21992, Catherine GLIDDEN-21989.

Catherine was born about 1817 or 1818 in New Brunswick, Canada. She died after 1860 at the age of 43.

Spouse: Sewall HILL-13841. Catherine and Sewall HILL were married about 1839. Children were: Thomas HILL-21979, Elizabeth HILL-21980, Sewall HILL-21981, Abigail HILL-21982, Ann HILL-21983, William HILL-21984.

Catherine Melissa (private).

Spouse: Romey L. BOYCE-20948. Catherine Melissa and Romey L. BOYCE were married. Children were: Lillian May BOYCE-17149.

Cathy (private).

Spouse: Billy CULBERTSON-21015. Cathy and Billy CULBERTSON were married. Children were: Jeffrey D. CULBERTSON-21014.

Ceil (private).

Spouse: Wallace Ellsworth FORE-130. Ceil and Wallace Ellsworth FORE were married on 29 August 1996.

Charles was born estimated 1940.

Spouse: Susan MITCHELL-13583. Susan MITCHELL and Charles were married.

Charles was born estimated 1945.

Spouse: Susan MITCHELL-1282. Susan MITCHELL and Charles were married.

Charlotte (private).

Spouse: Jefferson HAWES-8071. Charlotte and Jefferson HAWES were married. Children were: Charlotte Eldora HAWES-4180.

Charlotte (private).

Spouse: Joseph BAILEY-12612. Charlotte and Joseph BAILEY were married in 1798.

Charlotte (private).

Spouse: Douglas Lane MITCHELL-19976. Charlotte and Douglas Lane MITCHELL were married.

Charlotte was born calculated 1837 in New Brunswick, Canada. She died after 14 June 1860 at the age of 23.

Spouse: Charles DIXON-7536. Charlotte and Charles DIXON were married. Children were: James W DIXON-7674.

Cherie V (private).

Spouse: Larry Eugene JACKSON-15065. Cherie V and Larry Eugene JACKSON were married. Children were: Ashley Rose JACKSON-15271.

Cheryl (private).

Spouse: Douglas CHAURARD-20311. Cheryl and Douglas CHAURARD were married on 5 May 1979.

Chloe B was born estimated 1765.

Spouse: Anthony DYER-4486. Chloe B and Anthony DYER were married.

Chris was born on 1 December 1950.

Spouse: John SEBECK-19786. Chris and John SEBECK were married. Children were: Carrie SEBECK-19875, Justin SEBECK-19876.

Christiana was born about 1578 or 1579 in Alice, Dorsetshire, England. She died on 25 March 1651 at the age of 73 in Upwey, Dorset, England, United Kingdom. She has reference number 10737.

Spouse: Edward SPRAGUE-7239. Christiana and Edward SPRAGUE were married estimated 1597 in , Dorsetshire, England. Children were: William SPRAGUE-7237, Alice SPRAGUE-9345, Ralph SPRAGUE Lieutenant-9346, Edward SPRAGUE-9347, Richard SPRAGUE-9348, Christopher SPRAGUE-9349.

Spouse: John CORBIN-22357. Christiana and John CORBIN were married after 1614.

Christina (private).

Spouse: Lars BLAD-1032. Christina and Lars BLAD were married. Children were: Johanna H. BLAD-1020.

Christina was born calculated 1802.

Spouse: Lawrence CHRISTMAN-17216. Christina and Lawrence CHRISTMAN were married in 1827. Children were: Betsy Ann CHRISTMAN-17222, Nicholas CHRISTMAN-17218, Maria CHRISTMAN-17220, Catherine CHRISTMAN-17221, Almira CHRISTMAN-17224, Delos CHRISTMAN-17225.

Christine S "Stenna" was born in June 1830 in Sweden. She died on 26 January 1911 at the age of 80 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States. She was buried on 28 January 1911 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States.

Spouse: John CAMP-827. Christine S "Stenna" and John CAMP were married calculated 1850. Children were: Swan August CAMP-300, John E CAMP-9190, Matilda Tillie CAMP-302, Alida Ida CAMP-303.