Lou Ella ANDERSON was born on 3 February 1919. She died on 20 June 1969 at the age of 50.

Spouse: Casper Allen MITCHELL-5424. Lou Ella ANDERSON and Casper Allen MITCHELL were married on 30 April 1938. Children were: Gary Allen MITCHELL-7128, Marlys MITCHELL-7129, Marylin Jane MITCHELL-7130.

Lucille Agnes ANDERSON was born on 12 October 1952. Parents: Carl Leonard ANDERSON-20634 and Mary Lucille CALLAHAN-20633.

Spouse: John Roger GINGRAS-20638. Lucille Agnes ANDERSON and John Roger GINGRAS were married on 6 May 1971. Children were: Christina Marie GINGRAS-20639, Heidi Anne GINGRAS-20640.

Lucy ANDERSON (private).

Spouse: John W MINARD-753. Lucy ANDERSON and John W MINARD were married on 6 March 1884.

Mabel M ANDERSON (private).

Spouse: John E JOHNSON-12954. Mabel M ANDERSON and John E JOHNSON were married. Children were: Elizabeth Ann JOHNSON-967.

Margaret ANDERSON was born on 7 March 1960. Parents: James ANDERSON-49 and Katherine LAPLANT-48.

Spouse: Thomas BROWNSON-843. Margaret ANDERSON and Thomas BROWNSON were married.

Margaret Marie ANDERSON died in September 2001.

Spouse: Harlan Winslow BALLARD-12050. Margaret Marie ANDERSON and Harlan Winslow BALLARD were married on 6 June 1952. Children were: Ronald Harlan BALLARD-12052, Ian Douglas BALLARD-12053, Elizabeth BALLARD-12054.

Marian Catherine ANDERSON (private).

Spouse: Louis Winfield ALLAN-18828. Marian Catherine ANDERSON and Louis Winfield ALLAN were married on 29 August 1919.

Marie L. ANDERSON was born calculated 1881 in New York, United States. She died on 26 September 1960 at the age of 79. She was buried in Twin Falls, Twin Falls, Idaho, United States.

Spouse: Walter Richard PRIEBE-289. Marie L. ANDERSON and Walter Richard PRIEBE were married calculated 1911. Children were: Mary Wilhemina PRIEBE-16181, James A.rthur PRIEBE-22294.

Mark ANDERSON was born on 16 July 1953. Parents: James ANDERSON-49 and Katherine LAPLANT-48.

Spouse: Karen KOENIG-840. Karen KOENIG and Mark ANDERSON were married on 17 August 1974.

Mary ANDERSON (private).

Spouse: Henry A. LAMBERT-1034. Mary ANDERSON and Henry A. LAMBERT were married. Children were: Harley LAMBERT-1036, Coy LAMBERT-1037, Charles Epler LAMBERT-1012.

Mitchell Scott ANDERSON was born on 24 January 1987. Parents: Thomas Scott ANDERSON-23413 and Jean Anne LEONHARDT-23321.

Monica Lyn ANDERSON was born on 10 October 1972. Parents: John Andrew ANDERSON-19832 and Rosita Ann MORROW-19766.

Myrtle Elvera ANDERSON was born on 9 September 1905. She died on 22 February 1965 at the age of 59 in ,Hennepin,Minnesota. Parents: ANDERSON-19078 and NELSON-22371.

Spouse: Laurel Elsworth "Jimmie" CRISTMAN-351. Myrtle Elvera ANDERSON and Laurel Elsworth "Jimmie" CRISTMAN were married in May.

Nancy ANDERSON was born on 19 August 1954. Parents: James ANDERSON-49 and Katherine LAPLANT-48.

Spouse: James NELSON-841. Nancy ANDERSON and James NELSON were married on 2 June 1979.

Oliver Eugene ANDERSON was born on 6 May 1922.

Spouse: Rosemary RIDGE-1208. Rosemary RIDGE and Oliver Eugene ANDERSON were married on 8 January 1957. Children were: Randall Lee ANDERSON-1218, Cheryl Rae ANDERSON-1219, Charles Leo ANDERSON twin-1220, Charlene Cleo ANDERSON twin-1221, Harlan Keith ANDERSON-1222, Loren Kurtis ANDERSON-1223.

Otto ANDERSON was born estimated 1856. Parents: ANDERSON-308 and Mary CAMP-305.

Patricia Mary ANDERSON was born on 17 September 1936. Parents: William ANDERSON-20699 and Ellen Rebecca SWEENEY-20700.

Spouse: Charles Gary BIRD-17527. Patricia Mary ANDERSON and Charles Gary BIRD were married on 11 June 1966. Children were: Ian Edmund BIRD-17529, Eric Elliott BIRD-17530.

Spouse: MOFFETT-20698. Patricia Mary ANDERSON and MOFFETT were married.

Patrick ANDERSON was born on 9 December 1957. Parents: James ANDERSON-49 and Katherine LAPLANT-48.

Spouse: Susan FUHRMAN-842. Susan FUHRMAN and Patrick ANDERSON were married.

Paul ANDERSON was born on 16 January 1964. Parents: James ANDERSON-49 and Katherine LAPLANT-48.

Spouse: Helene JONES-844. Helene JONES and Paul ANDERSON were married on 7 November 1992.

Randall Lee ANDERSON was born on 6 April 1957. Parents: Oliver Eugene ANDERSON-1217 and Rosemary RIDGE-1208.

Spouse: Kathleen M BLUM-1224. Kathleen M BLUM and Randall Lee ANDERSON were married in April 1982. Children were: Jennifer Kathryn ANDERSON-12881, Jessica Sandra ANDERSON-12882, Jamie Leigh ANDERSON-12883.

Robert Ronald ANDERSON (private). Parents: Ronald ANDERSON-23013 and Nancy LaRay PETERSON-13043.

Rodney Floyd ANDERSON was born on 14 January 1939.

Spouse: Helen Lucille GONZALES-13046. Helen Lucille GONZALES and Rodney Floyd ANDERSON were married on 23 May 1959. Children were: Barry ANDERSON-19853.

Ronald ANDERSON (private).

Spouse: Nancy LaRay PETERSON-13043. Nancy LaRay PETERSON and Ronald ANDERSON were married. Children were: Robert Ronald ANDERSON-23014.

Roy Neil ANDERSON was born on 9 August 1959.

Spouse: Patricia Marie ATKINSON-15184. Patricia Marie ATKINSON and Roy Neil ANDERSON were married on 5 May 1979. Children were: David Roy ANDERSON-15307, Laura Beth ANDERSON-15308.

Sally H ANDERSON (private).

Spouse: Asa M DYER-3053. Sally H ANDERSON and Asa M DYER were married on 20 December 1832.

Shawn Craig ANDERSON was born on 4 December 1976. Parents: Cheryl Rae ANDERSON-1219.

Sheila ANDERSON was born on 26 August 1951.

Spouse: Andrew Francis NELSON-13283. Sheila ANDERSON and Andrew Francis NELSON were married on 5 September 1970.

Terri ANDERSON (private).

Spouse: Mike KOWALSKI-23717. Terri ANDERSON and Mike KOWALSKI were married on 13 June 1998.

Thomas Scott ANDERSON was born on 23 December 1956.

Spouse: Jean Anne LEONHARDT-23321. Jean Anne LEONHARDT and Thomas Scott ANDERSON were married on 7 September 1984. Children were: Mitchell Scott ANDERSON-23414, Holly Ann ANDERSON-23415.

William ANDERSON (private).

Spouse: Ellen Rebecca SWEENEY-20700. Ellen Rebecca SWEENEY and William ANDERSON were married. Children were: Patricia Mary ANDERSON-17528.

William ANDERSON died on 28 May 1861.

Spouse: Mary GREEN-12711. Mary GREEN and William ANDERSON were married on 16 July 1835 in Blissfield, Northumberland, New Brunswick, Canada.

William Howard ANDERSON was born on 14 July 1919. Parents: Frank Howard ANDERSON-21263 and Mildred Austin "Millie" BOYCE-18830.

William Oliver ANDERSON was born on 18 March 1992. Parents: Loren Kurtis ANDERSON-1223 and Marsha -12892.

Hannah ANDRES was born in 1799 in Machias, Washington, Maine, United States. She died on 21 June 1882 at the age of 83 in Machias, Washington, Maine, United States. Parents: Israel ANDRES-16135 and Mary SEVERLY-16136.

Spouse: John Minor SPRAGUE-11893. Hannah ANDRES and John Minor SPRAGUE were married.

Israel ANDRES (private).

Spouse: Mary SEVERLY-16136. Mary SEVERLY and Israel ANDRES were married. Children were: Hannah ANDRES-16134.

ANDREWS (private).

Spouse: Linda May WOODROW-1391. Linda May WOODROW and ANDREWS were married. Children were: Timothy Craig ANDREWS-1393, Bradley Todd ANDREWS-1394.

ANDREWS (private). Parents: Ed R. ANDREWS-19549 and Anna Belle DOYLE-19548.

ANDREWS (private). Parents: Ed R. ANDREWS-19549 and Anna Belle DOYLE-19548.

ANDREWS (private). Parents: Ed R. ANDREWS-19549 and Anna Belle DOYLE-19548.

Bellvera ANDREWS was born on 7 October 1910. She died on 9 November 1989 at the age of 79. Parents: Daniel ANDREWS-19682 and Nellie Jessie May DAYGER-19681.

Spouse: Daniel MINIER-20039. Bellvera ANDREWS and Daniel MINIER were married. Children were: Kenneth Lee MINIER-20042, Gale Evelyn MINIER-20043, Dawn Louise MINIER-20048, Mary Ellen MINIER-20055, Daryl Duane MINIER-20059.

Bradley Todd ANDREWS (private). Parents: ANDREWS-7672 and Linda May WOODROW-1391.

Dana ANDREWS (private).

Spouse: Janet Ann DYER-10340. Janet Ann DYER and Dana ANDREWS were married on 24 June 1967.

Daniel ANDREWS was born on 21 July 1890. Parents: William ANDREWS-19683 and Lydia WESLEY-19684.

Spouse: Nellie Jessie May DAYGER-19681. Nellie Jessie May DAYGER and Daniel ANDREWS were married on 8 September 1910. Children were: Bellvera ANDREWS-20038.

Ebenezer ANDREWS was born on 5 May 1704 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts. He died after 15 March 1770 at the age of 65 in Bristol, Massachusetts, United States.

Spouse: Judee WHITE-9760. Judee WHITE and Ebenezer ANDREWS were married on 6 May 1727 in Tiverton, Newport, Rhode Island.

Ed R. ANDREWS was born in November 1856.

Spouse: Anna Belle DOYLE-19548. Anna Belle DOYLE and Ed R. ANDREWS were married in 1890. Children were: Perry ANDREWS-19550, ANDREWS-19551, ANDREWS-19552, ANDREWS-19553.

Elizabeth ANDREWS (private).

Spouse: Mark EAMES-24215. Elizabeth ANDREWS and Mark EAMES were married. Children were: John EAMES-24218, Anthony EAMES-24219, Damaris EAMES-9353.

Garrett Ryan ANDREWS was born on 9 November 1996. Parents: Richard Arthur ANDREWS-25634 and Jill Christan ABELN-25104.

George Pierce ANDREWS (private).

Spouse: Sarah Garretson DYER-2577. Sarah Garretson DYER and George Pierce ANDREWS were married.

Hilda ANDREWS (private).

Spouse: Edwin KRAUSE-15044. Hilda ANDREWS and Edwin KRAUSE were married. Children were: Arnold Edwin KRAUSE-15040.

Lydia Ann ANDREWS (private).

Spouse: Walter Tartulis WEED-16669. Lydia Ann ANDREWS and Walter Tartulis WEED were married.