Shirley Rae (private). Parents: Robert LANE-15704 and Shirley Jean HANSON-489.

Son (private). Parents: Rod -24019 and Sharlene Yvonne BIRD-20721.

son was born on 11 March 1748. He died on 11 March 1748 at the age of 0. Parents: Colonel Edward WINSLOW-10827 and Hannah HOWLAND-4493.

son was born estimated 1855. Parents: Freeman Weeks DYER-5275 and Elizabeth STRATTON-5426.

Spouse was born on 21 June 1957. Parents: Thomas Warren RUNDHAUG-12929 and Rose Marie MASTERJOHN-12930.

Spouse: James Leslie WYATT-1323. Spouse and James Leslie WYATT were married on 3 June 1978. Children were: Shayne Thomas WYATT-1330, Cody James WYATT-12931.

Steve Rokosz (private).

Spouse: Kayla Renee ATKINS-15720. Kayla Renee ATKINS and Steve Rokosz were married. Children were: Ava Seraphine -16284, Douglas -16285.

Su Mei (private).

Spouse: Thomas William KUNZ-20982. Su Mei and Thomas William KUNZ were married. Children were: Mei Ling KUNZ-20987, Tony KUNZ-20989.

Summer Dawn (private). Parents: Matthew -19905 and Anita Kay BUTLER-19817.

Susan was born calculated May 1817. She died on 12 December 1878 at the age of 61 in Hill's Point, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada. She was buried in Saint-David, New Brunswick, Canada.

Spouse: John Bartlett HILL-15477. Susan and John Bartlett HILL were married.

Susan M. was born in 1884. She died in 1974 at the age of 90. She was buried in Harrington, Washington, Maine, United States.

Spouse: William Norman DYER-22336. Susan M. and William Norman DYER were married.

Susanna (private).

Spouse: William BROWN-5327. Susanna and William BROWN were married on 27 October 1699. Children were: Susannah BROWN-1537.

Susanna (private).

Spouse: Peregrine WHITE-5025. Susanna and Peregrine WHITE were married about 1684. Children were: Benoni WHITE-9629.

Susanna was born calculated 1723. She died on 18 June 1811 at the age of 88 in Warren, Herkimer, New York.

Spouse: Nicholas CHRISTMAN-16195. Susanna and Nicholas CHRISTMAN were married before 1766. Children were: Margaret CHRISTMAN-17918, Jacob CHRISTMAN-17007, Catherina CHRISTMAN-17964, Jacob N. CHRISTMAN-17965.

Susannah died in 1680 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts. She has reference number 10721. She was born in England, United Kingdom.

Spouse: William WHITE-5034. Susannah and William WHITE were married. Children were: Resolved WHITE-4999, Peregrine WHITE-5035.

Spouse: Edward WINSLOW-5000. Susannah and Edward WINSLOW were married on 12 May 1621 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Children were: child WINSLOW-5024, Edward WINSLOW-9444, John WINSLOW-9455, Governor Josiah WINSLOW-9456, Elizabeth WINSLOW-9457.

Tabitha (private).

Spouse: Nathaniel PECK-4862. Tabitha and Nathaniel PECK were married. Children were: Jane PECK-5366.

Tabitha (private).

Spouse: Nathaniel PECK-4862. Tabitha and Nathaniel PECK were married. Children were: Jane PECK-5366.

Tami June was born in 1967. Parents: David -21028 and Betty May VANGNESS-13003.

Tammy (private).

Spouse: Tim ATKINS-15715. Tammy and Tim ATKINS were married.

Tania (private).

Spouse: Shane CRUICKSHANK-16413. Tania and Shane CRUICKSHANK were married. Children were: Jack CRUICKSHANK-16416, Ruby CRUICKSHANK-16417, Tom CRUICKSHANK-16418.

Temperance (private).

Spouse: Lieutenant Edward DYER-2891. Temperance and Lieutenant Edward DYER were married.

Temperance B was born in 1830.

Spouse: Warren DYER-3612. Temperance B and Warren DYER were married. Children were: Henry Warren DYER-3620, Sarah B DYER-3621, Emily M DYER-3622, Mary W DYER-3623, Hattie W DYER-3624, Hannah F DYER-3625, Marilla A DYER-3626, Charles W DYER-3627.

Thankful (private).

Spouse: William DYER-6524. Thankful and William DYER were married. Children were: Leonard DYER-6522, Zilpha DYER-6521.

Thankful was born calculated 1798 in Maine, United States.

Spouse: Silas G DYER-3071. Thankful and Silas G DYER were married. Children were: Clemant DYER-22701, Silas DYER-22702, Edward DYER-22703.

Theda (private).

Spouse: Glen HENDERSON-20870. Theda and Glen HENDERSON were married. Children were: Sylvia Janis HENDERSON-20688.

Theoda (private).

Spouse: George DENNISON-18171. Theoda and George DENNISON were married. Children were: George Washington DENNISON-4394.

Theresa was born calculated 1881 in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

Spouse: Frank J. SCHNEIDER-25643. Theresa and Frank J. SCHNEIDER were married calculated 1915. Children were: Paul H. SCHNEIDER-25650.

Thirza was born on 31 March 1812. She died on 27 June 1895 at the age of 83. She was buried in Millbridge, Washington, Maine.

Spouse: Rufus FICKETT-22333. Thirza and Rufus FICKETT were married. Children were: Alfreda B. FICKETT-22331.

Tiana (private).

Spouse: Wesley TUTHILL-563. Tiana and Wesley TUTHILL were married. Children were: Sean Austin TUTHILL-7322.

Todd Alan was born on 11 June 1967. Parents: Sarah Jane FERGUSON-23876.

Spouse: Flo KALLESTAD-23915. Flo KALLESTAD and Todd Alan were married. Children were: Mason James -23916, Alayna Joy -23917.

Tony (private).

Spouse: Ede OSLUND-18521. Ede OSLUND and Tony were married.

unknown (private).

Spouse: Ella Henrietta BETTS-12675. Ella Henrietta BETTS and unknown were married on 29 July 1888.

Unknown (private).

Spouse: Jean George Evelyn LEWIS-16947. Jean George Evelyn LEWIS and Unknown were married on 10 April 1948.

Unknown (private).

Spouse: Barbara E PRATT-10082. Barbara E PRATT and Unknown were married. Children were: Alexander PRATT-18379.

Unknown (private).

Spouse: Charlotte Videria PRATT-10086. Charlotte Videria PRATT and Unknown were married. Children were: Herman PRATT-18402.

Unknown (private).

Spouse: Trisha KUNDERT-23836. Trisha KUNDERT and Unknown were married. Children were: Bethany -23838, Alexis -23839.

Unknown (private).

Spouse: Thomas Stephen TUTHILL-16238. Unknown and Thomas Stephen TUTHILL were married. Children were: Stephen A. TUTHILL-16241.

Unknown (private).

Spouse: Shawn Anthony CALABRASE-23162. Unknown and Shawn Anthony CALABRASE were married. Children were: Samuel Anthony CALABRASE-25656.

unknown (private).

Spouse: Mattouš PECHOUŠEK-26405. Unknown and Mattouš PECHOUŠEK were married in 1722.

unknown (private).

Spouse: Jakub PECHOUŠEK-26050. Unknown and Jakub PECHOUŠEK were married in 1760.

unknown (private).

Spouse: Maryana PECHOUŠKOVA-26464. Maryana PECHOUŠKOVA and unknown were married in 1770.

Verna May was born on 30 August 1891. She died on 10 March 1956 at the age of 64. She was buried in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States.

Spouse: Albert Theodore FILIPEK-24634. Verna May and Albert Theodore FILIPEK were married in 1920.

Vernelle "Boots" (private).

Spouse: Charles William ORSBORN-20498. Vernelle "Boots" and Charles William ORSBORN were married. Children were: Gaylord ORSBORN-24669, Sheldon ORSBORN-24671, Michael ORSBORN-24672.

Veronica has reference number 259.

Spouse: Matěj DUNOVSKÝ-22938. Veronica and Matěj DUNOVSKÝ were married. Children were: Maria Anna DUNOVSKÝ-22937, Joannes DUNOVSKÝ-25413, Jacob DUNOVSKÝ-25412, Thomas DUNOVSKÝ-25414, Tereza DUNOVSKÝ-25415.

Vickie (private).

Spouse: Jeffery PEARCE-1244. Vickie and Jeffery PEARCE were married.

Wilma (private).

Spouse: ROBERTS-21326. Wilma and ROBERTS were married. Children were: Cheryl ROBERTS-21298, Becky ROBERTS-21327.

Winneford (private).

Spouse: Leo GREEN-12085. Winneford and Leo GREEN were married.

Yvonne (private).

Spouse: Rolland BETTS-10719. Yvonne and Rolland BETTS were married.

Zenna D was born on 16 January 1910. She died on 16 February 2004 at the age of 94 in Pittsford, Monroe, New York, United States.

Spouse: John Joseph "Jack" PRAUS-257. Zenna D and John Joseph "Jack" PRAUS were married.

Hannah ? was born in 1698. She died in July 1778 at the age of 80 in New Marlborough,,Massachusetts.

Spouse: Benjamin WHEELER-16473. Hannah ? and Benjamin WHEELER were married. Children were: Beulah WHEELER-16472.

Catherine AANESON (private).

Spouse: Martin STRAND-20242. Catherine AANESON and Martin STRAND were married. Children were: Edna STRAND-20241.