Robin was born about 1948.

Spouse: Jay Sydney MCILWEE-11463. Robin and Jay Sydney MCILWEE were married about 1970. Children were: Jason Robinson MCILWEE-11450, Maxwell MCILWEE-11453.

Rod (private).

Spouse: Sharlene Yvonne BIRD-20721. Sharlene Yvonne BIRD and Rod were married. Children were: Son -24020.

Roger (private).

Spouse: Paula Mary MAGNASON-1264. Paula Mary MAGNASON and Roger were married.

Rose (private).

Spouse: John Amos BALLARD-13807. Rose and John Amos BALLARD were married. Children were: Peggy BALLARD-13886, Micky BALLARD-13887.

Roseanna was born in March 1828 in Maine, United States.

Spouse: COOMBS-24593. Roseanna and COOMBS were married. They were divorced. Children were: Marjery Susie COOMBS-456.

Rosina was born calculated 1799.

Spouse: Vaclav VLACH-26317.

Roxanne (private).

Spouse: Robert Orval PAINE-18464. Roxanne and Robert Orval PAINE were married.

Ruby was born estimated 1900.

Spouse: Morris RIDGE-1422. Ruby and Morris RIDGE were married.

Ruth (private).

Spouse: Robert Steven RIDGE-1211. Ruth and Robert Steven RIDGE were married.

Ruth (private).

Spouse: Samuel DEAN-2370. Ruth and Samuel DEAN were married. Children were: Florence DEAN-2369.

Ruth (private).

Spouse: Peter SHERMAN-8131. Ruth and Peter SHERMAN were married. Children were: Joseph SHERMAN-3595.

Ruth (private).

Spouse: Charles Herbert DYER-3247. Ruth and Charles Herbert DYER were married.

Ruth (private).

Spouse: Perey BONNEY-16130. Ruth and Perey BONNEY were married. Children were: Joel BONNEY-16129.

Ruth (private).

Spouse: Walter Malcom BUNCH Junior-19614. Ruth and Walter Malcom BUNCH Junior were married.

Ruth (private).

Spouse: Nicholas NOVAK-24503. Ruth and Nicholas NOVAK were married.

Ruth (private).

Spouse: Gerald ATKINS-15713. Ruth and Gerald ATKINS were married.

Ruth died after 1999.

Spouse: Robert Douglas CAMP-319. Ruth and Robert Douglas CAMP were married. Children were: Rosemary CAMP-323.

Ruth was born about 1604. She died on 17 August 1662 at the age of 58 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States. She has reference number 2571.

Spouse: John WHITMAN-22322. Ruth and John WHITMAN were married about 1624. Children were: Sarah WHITMAN-22321.

Ruth was born in 1640 or 1642. She died on 11 September 1705 at the age of 65. She was buried in Berkley, Bristol, Massachusetts.

Spouse: Christopher DYER-1612. Ruth and Christopher DYER were married. Children were: Rebecca DYER-1617, Ebenezer DYER-1618, Mary DYER-1619, Ruth DYER-1620.

Spouse: John HATHAWAY Ensign-1632. Ruth and John HATHAWAY Ensign were married on 25 December 1692 in Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States.

Ruth M. was born about 1912. She died on 9 February 1954 at the age of 42 in Seattle, King, Washington, United States. She was buried in Vashon, King, Washington, United States.

Spouse: Chester R. BIBBINS-19529. Ruth M. and Chester R. BIBBINS were married.

Sally (private).

Spouse: Ebenezer DYER-15931. Sally and Ebenezer DYER were married.

Sara Jane was born.

Spouse: Enoch James MATHIS-3684. Sara Jane and Enoch James MATHIS were married. Children were: Cora Etta MATHIS-17158.

Sarah (private).

Spouse: John NEILL-479. Sarah and John NEILL were married. Children were: Isabella NEILL-457.

Sarah (private).

Spouse: Adam Mileson DYER-6190. Sarah and Adam Mileson DYER were married. Children were: Adam DYER-6188, William DYER-6187.

Sarah (private).

Spouse: Josiah STANFORD-6446. Sarah and Josiah STANFORD were married. Children were: Catherine STANFORD-6447.

Sarah (private).

Spouse: Thomas DELANO III-6918. Sarah and Thomas DELANO III were married. Children were: Mary DELANO-6919, Hannah DELANO-6921, Barzillai DELANO-6922, Elizabeth DELANO-6475, Thankful DELANO-5415.

Sarah (private).

Spouse: Abner WOODSUM-7843. Sarah and Abner WOODSUM were married.

Sarah (private).

Spouse: Samuel WAITE-9228. Sarah and Samuel WAITE were married. Children were: Deborah WAITE-4597.

Sarah (private).

Spouse: Daniel SMALL-10094. Sarah and Daniel SMALL were married about 1715. Children were: Elizabeth SMALL-5368, Bathsheba SMALL-10091, Alice SMALL-10093.

Sarah (private).

Spouse: Isaac WATSON-10771. Sarah and Isaac WATSON were married. Children were: Mary WATSON-2375.

Sarah (private).

Spouse: Ebenezer ROBERTS-14135. Sarah and Ebenezer ROBERTS were married. Children were: Vincent ROBERTS-3862.

Sarah (private).

Spouse: Samuel HINCKLEY-14192. Sarah and Samuel HINCKLEY were married. Children were: Sarah HINCKLEY-14166.

Sarah (private).

Spouse: Edward WINSLOW-14764. Sarah and Edward WINSLOW were married. Children were: Mercy WINSLOW-14766.

Sarah (private).

Spouse: Stephen SPRAGUE-12688. Sarah and Stephen SPRAGUE were married.

Sarah (private).

Spouse: John BOHANON Junior-15613. Sarah and John BOHANON Junior were married. Children were: Ananiah BOHANON-22494.

Sarah (private).

Spouse: Daniel SULIS-17076. Sarah and Daniel SULIS were married. Children were: John SULIS-16976.

Sarah (private).

Spouse: Johannes CHRISTMAN-17229. Sarah and Johannes CHRISTMAN were married. Children were: Nathaniel CHRISTMAN-17231.

Sarah (private).

Spouse: William CHRISTMAN-18122. Sarah and William CHRISTMAN were married about 1828. Children were: James CHRISTMAN-18124, Adam CHRISTMAN-18125.

Sarah (private).

Spouse: Christopher DAHL-572. Sarah and Christopher DAHL were married. Children were: Justin Christopher DAHL-21213, Jaiden Danielle DAHL-22841.

Sarah died before 5 March 1810.

Spouse: Christopher WHITE-9677. Sarah and Christopher WHITE were married in December 1792. Children were: George WHITE-9878.

Sarah was born in 1806 in Maine, United States. She died after 26 February 1857 at the age of 51.

Spouse: Henry DYER-5915. Sarah and Henry DYER were married. Children were: John DYER-6604, Charles N DYER-6605, Josephine DYER-6606, Eliza H DYER-6607, Harriet DYER-6608, Grace DYER-6609.

Sarah was born in 1815.

Spouse: Richard SUTTER-8803. Sarah and Richard SUTTER were married. Children were: Susan SUTTER-12390.

Sarah A was born in 1844.

Spouse: James SUTTER III-10598. Sarah A and James SUTTER III were married. Children were: Brice SUTTER-12414, John A SUTTER-12415.

Sarah B was born about 1785. She died on 12 September 1810 at the age of 25 in Gorham, Cumberland, Maine, United States.

Spouse: Samuel MCLELLAN-1567. Sarah B and Samuel MCLELLAN were married.

Sarah C was born in 1859.

Spouse: Clarence Luster CLEVELAND-15535. Sarah C and Clarence Luster CLEVELAND were married.

Sarah L. was born calculated 1842 in New York, United States. She died on 10 April 1916 at the age of 74. She was buried in Hopkinton, Delaware, Iowa, United States.

Spouse: Gorham K. NASH-21588. Sarah L. and Gorham K. NASH were married.

Sarah Renee was born.

Spouse: Harlan Keith ANDERSON-1222. Sarah Renee and Harlan Keith ANDERSON were married. Children were: Hannah Elizabeth ANDERSON-12891.

Shannon (private).

Spouse: Christopher Jonathan CROSSLEY-20915. Shannon and Christopher Jonathan CROSSLEY were married.

Children were: Kaitlin -20918.

Sheila (private).

Spouse: William STRIEGL-851. Sheila and William STRIEGL were married. Children were: Frank STRIEGL-859, Stephen STRIEGL-860, Doctor Leslie STRIEGL-861.

Sheila (private).

Spouse: Frank James MITCHELL-13579. Sheila and Frank James MITCHELL were married. Children were: Jeffrey MITCHELL-13585, Joseph MITCHELL-13586, Michele MITCHELL-13587.