Abigail was born estimated 1724.

Spouse: Edward SMALL-6473. Abigail and Edward SMALL were married. Children were: Anna SMALL-6474.

Abigail was born estimated 1726.

Spouse: John DOWNS-7847. Abigail and John DOWNS were married. Children were: Phineas DOWNS-3153.

Agnes was born estimated 1584.

Spouse: John EMERY-4763. Agnes and John EMERY were married. Children were: Anthony EMERY-4759.

Agnes was born estimated 1822 in Ireland.

Spouse: William HAMILTON-23003. Agnes and William HAMILTON were married. Children were: Samuel HAMILTON-345.

Agnes was born in September 1849 in Scotland, United Kingdom.

Spouse: William "Willie" HAMILTON-22426. Agnes and William "Willie" HAMILTON were married calculated 1874. Children were: Nellie HAMILTON-22435, Thomas A. HAMILTON-22436.

Agnes was born estimated 1933.

Spouse: Michael COCHRAN-20809. Agnes and Michael COCHRAN were married. Children were: Michael Joseph COCHRAN-20808.

Agnes E. was born calculated 1896 in Wisconsin, United States.

Spouse: Grandville P. SYLVESTER-24591. Agnes E. and Grandville P. SYLVESTER were married calculated 1902. Children were: Adonna M. SYLVESTER-24595, Edward G. SYLVESTER-24596, Orabelle B. SYLVESTER-24597, Wayne G. SYLVESTER-24598, Mabel L. SYLVESTER-24599, Robert R. SYLVESTER-24600, Vernon P. SYLVESTER-24601.

Alayna Joy was born on 13 June 2003. Parents: Todd Alan -23895 and Flo KALLESTAD-23915.

Alexis (private). Parents: Unknown -23837 and Trisha KUNDERT-23836.

Alice (private).

Spouse: Chester R. BIBBINS-19529. Alice and Chester R. BIBBINS were married about 1932. They were divorced. Children were: BIBBINS-19534.

Alice was born estimated 1846.

Spouse: Gilbert LITTLEFIELD-8148. Alice and Gilbert LITTLEFIELD were married. Children were: Eva L LITTLEFIELD-4174.

Alice was born estimated 1895.

Spouse: Stanley BABCOCK-15001. Alice and Stanley BABCOCK were married. Children were: Lillian Ruth BABCOCK-15000.

Almira was born calculated 24 January 1816. She died on 18 April 1858 at the age of 42 in Steuben, Washington, Maine, United States. She was buried in Steuben, Washington, Maine, United States.

Spouse: Ebenezer S DYER Junior-6494. Almira and Ebenezer S DYER Junior were married. Children were: Horatica DYER-11791, Mary A DYER-11792, Rebecca DYER-11793.

Almira A was born in 1827 in Maine, United States.

Spouse: Emery Dow DYER-3095. Almira A and Emery Dow DYER were married. Children were: Hannah DYER-6693, George DYER-6694, Hattie E DYER-6695, Lizzie W DYER-6696.

Alzbeta (private).

Spouse: Jan PRACHAR-3390. Alzbeta and Jan PRACHAR were married on 13 October 1748. Children were: Václav PRACHAR-3387.

Alzbeta was born calculated 1691. She died in 1757 at the age of 66. She has reference number 513.

Spouse: Jan VLACH-22942. Alzbeta and Jan VLACH were married estimated 1711. Children were: Tomáš VLACH-26137, Alzbeta VLACHOVA-26138, Pavel VLACH-22939, Matouš VLACH-26139, Kateřina VLACHOVA-25506, Antonin VLACH-26140.

Alzbeta was born estimated 1755. She has reference number 133.

Spouse: Jan PLZÁK-22946. Alzbeta and Jan PLZÁK were married. Children were: Josef PLZÁK-120.

Amelia was born estimated 1807.

Spouse: George Pike DYER-5803. Amelia and George Pike DYER were married. Children were: Abigail R DYER-5801, Reuben DYER-5800, Almira W DYER-5799, George Washington DYER-5798, Margaret DYER-5797, Amelia Ann DYER-5796.

Amy was born in June 1869.

Spouse: Thomas O. HILL-18422. Amy and Thomas O. HILL were married.

Ann was born estimated 1754.

Spouse: Jonathan MCKENNY-6981. Ann and Jonathan MCKENNY were married. Children were: Abigail MCKENNY-6977.

Ann was born estimated 1778 in Ireland.

Spouse: Robert DIXON-1057. Ann and Robert DIXON were married. Children were: Mary Ann DIXON-724.

Ann was born estimated 1791.

Spouse: Roger RIDGE-13477. Ann and Roger RIDGE were married. Children were: Samuel RIDGE Senior-9179, Mary RIDGE-13494, Elizabeth RIDGE-13495, Henry RIDGE-13497, Roger RIDGE Senior-1512, Joseph RIDGE-13498, Jane RIDGE-13499, John RIDGE-13500, Ann RIDGE-13501.

Ann was born on 14 January 1844 in Canada. She died on 22 August 1905 at the age of 61. She was buried in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States.

Spouse: Enoch W. DYER-22376. Ann and Enoch W. DYER were married. Children were: Fannie A. DYER-22671, Harris H. DYER-22672.

Ann Jane was born estimated 1828.

Spouse: Henry DYER-2799. Ann Jane and Henry DYER were married. Children were: Henry Wilbur DYER-3514, Mary Louisa DYER-3515.

Ann M. was born calculated 1812 in Maine, United States.

Spouse: Jerome KNIGHT-13952. Ann M. and Jerome KNIGHT were married.

Anna (private).

Spouse: Vojtech LUTOVSKA-6130. Anna and Vojtech LUTOVSKA were married. Children were: Barbara LUTOVSKA-1504, Rose LUTOVSKA-10911, LUTOVSKA-23363.

Anna (private).

Spouse: Václav KINDL-2724. Anna and Václav KINDL were married.

Anna (private). Parents: Josef BLAHAUT-3405 and Magdelena -24273.

Spouse: Jakub STANEK-24270. Anna and Jakub STANEK were married. Children were: Anna STANEK-3402.

Anna (private).

Spouse: Anton PRACHAR-24437. Anna and Anton PRACHAR were married. Children were: Rose PRACHAR-24439, Frank PRACHAR-24476, Joseph PRACHAR-24477, Anton PRACHAR-24478, Bohumil J. PRACHAR-24479, Francis PRACHAR-24480, John PRACHAR-24491, Anna PRACHAR-24492, Jim PRACHAR-24493.

Anna (private).

Spouse: William J MITCHELL-13561. Anna and William J MITCHELL were married.

Anna (private).

Spouse: Vojtech VAVORSEK-26036. Anna and Vojtech VAVORSEK were married. Children were: Mary Anna VAVORSKOVY-25231.

Anna was born calculated 1640. She died in 1718 at the age of 78 in Kestrany, Pisek, Bohemia, Czech Republic. She was also known as Anezka.

Spouse: Simon PECHOUŠEK-22954. Anna and Simon PECHOUŠEK were married before 28 May 1665. Children were: Marie Anna PECHOUŠKOVA-22956, Jiři PECHOUŠEK-26425, Jan PECHOUŠEK-25473, Caterina PECHOUŠKOVA-26088, Mattouš "Matěj" PECHOUŠEK-26404, Dorothea PECHOUŠKOVA-22959, Magdalena PECHOUŠKOVA-22960, Alzbeta PECHOUŠKOVA-25134, Veronika PECHOUŠKOVA-22961.

Anna was born estimated 1659. She died in 1726 at the age of 67 in Kestrany, Pisek, Bohemia, Czech Republic. She has reference number 1025.

Spouse: Jakub VLACH-26163. Anna and Jakub VLACH were married estimated 1681. Children were: Ludmila VLACHOVA-26489, Jan VLACH-22942, Martin VLACH-26165.

Spouse: Vaclav VLACH-26062. Anna and Vaclav VLACH were married before 1701. Children were: Mariana VLACHOVA-26087, Adam VLACH-26172, Eva VLACHOVA-26494.

Anna was born estimated 1727.

Spouse: Samuel NORTHWAY-1936. Anna and Samuel NORTHWAY were married. Children were: Sarah NORTHWAY-1935.

Anna was born estimated 1730.

Spouse: John HARDEN-7837. Anna and John HARDEN were married. Children were: Martha Patty HARDEN-2216.

Anna was born estimated 1767.

Spouse: Nicholas SPINK-8254. Anna and Nicholas SPINK were married. Children were: Franklin SPINK-8252.

Anna was born estimated 1780.

Spouse: Ezra DYER-3546. Anna and Ezra DYER were married.

Anna was born about 1802 in Maine, United States.

Spouse: Jonathan SPRAGUE-1287. Anna and Jonathan SPRAGUE were married.

Anna was born estimated 1826.

Spouse: Parmenas DYER-6254. Anna and Parmenas DYER were married.

Anna was born in June 1867 in Minnesota, United States. She died after 3 April 1940 at the age of 72.

Spouse: Harris H DYER-16069. Anna and Harris H DYER were married calculated 1891. Children were: Mabel E. DYER-22447, George A. DYER-22448, Grace N. DYER-22449.

Anna was born on 16 October 1909 in Maly Ujezd, Mělník, Bohemia, Czech Republic. She died in 1970 or 1979 at the age of 61. Parents: Anna PECHOUŠKOVA-85.

Spouse: MOC-91. Anna and MOC were married on 6 November 1932 in Mělník, Bohemia, Czech Republic.

Anna Eliza died in 1883.

Spouse: Thomas MOUNTAIN-8611. Anna Eliza and Thomas MOUNTAIN were married. Children were: Frank MOUNTAIN-24106, Bertha MOUNTAIN-24107, Eugene MOUNTAIN-24108, Lewis MOUNTAIN-24109.

Anna Elizabeth was born estimated 1683 in Palatine, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany.

Spouse: George DACHSTATTER-17234. Anna Elizabeth and George DACHSTATTER were married. Children were: George Adam DACHSTATTER-19200, Cornelius DACHSTATTER-19201, Hendrick J. DACHSTATTER-19202, Johann Frederick "Jurry" DACHSTATTER-14526, George DACHSTATTER-19203, Johan Leonhard DACHSTATTER-19204, Christian DOCKSTADER-17142, Barbara Elisabeth DACHSTATTER-19205.

Anna Eva was born in 1758.

Spouse: Nicholas CHRISTMAN-17313. Anna Eva and Nicholas CHRISTMAN were married before 1779. Children were: Susanna CHRISTMAN-19181, Maria CHRISTMAN-19182.

Anna Gertraud died after 1717.

Spouse: Johannes CHRISTMAN-17146. Anna Gertraud and Johannes CHRISTMAN were married about 1699. Children were: CHRISTMAN-16198, Johannes Nicholas "John" CHRISTMAN Junior-17249, CHRISTMAN-19190, Jacob CHRISTMAN-17144, CHRISTMAN-19100, Frederick CHRISTMAN-17250, CHRISTMAN-19191.

Spouse: Johann Philip SIXT-19417. Anna Gertraud and Johann Philip SIXT were married.

Antonín was born in 1912. He died on 16 December 1971 at the age of 59 in Mělník, Bohemia, Czech Republic. Parents: Anna PECHOUŠKOVA-85.

Aphia was born estimated 1617.

Spouse: Samuel FREEMAN-10763. Aphia and Samuel FREEMAN were married. Children were: Deacon Samuel FREEMAN-10765.

April (private).

Spouse: William ATKINS-15714. April and William ATKINS were married.

Arminda (private).

Spouse: Adam Shaver CHRISTMAN-4496. Arminda and Adam Shaver CHRISTMAN were married in 1909.

Audrey was born estimated 1923.

Spouse: Richard R SUTTER-12280. Audrey and Richard R SUTTER were married.