IDENTIFY PLAYERS IN 1953 NHS Junior Class Play

As the years go on, I guess we tend to become more reflective of our earlier life. We are no different from the rest of you in this regard, so I thought I would share some things from our past that may be of interest to some of our friends and acquaintances. You can expect to see things here, presented visually, that describe or show some of the things we've done, places we've been or people we've met.


Here are photographs of Joe's high school senior class. Joe went to school in the Far East in postwar Occupied Japan, as described elsewhere. The school he graduated from was called Narimasu, as it was located near the village of Narimasu, a suburb of Tokyo. The school was operated by the U.S. Army for military dependents and certain other eligible civilian dependents. The photos below are from his yearbook - the Sensu. Joe knows of seven of his classmates who have passed away.

(Click on any photo to see larger view)
(Names in
RED = address available or known deceased, contact Joe Pehoushek)
(Those whose photos are bordered in black are believed to be deceased)

Janice Aoki
Janice T. Aoki

Muriel Bachelor
Muriel J. Bachelor
Blairsville, PA

Shirley Barnes
Shirley Y. Barnes

Oscar Bell
Oscar E. Bell
Panama City, FL

Robert Brown
Robert W. Brown
Spokane, WA

Robert Bryan
Robert E. Bryan
Lexington, VA

Bill Burbank
William L. Burbank
Columbus, GA

Joe Burer
Joseph E. Burer
Manassas, VA

Julie Cairns
Julie A. Cairns
Riverside, CA

Barbara Chapman
Barbara G. Chapman
San Antonio, TX

Marcelle Chou
Marcelle Chou
Shanghai, China

Robert A. DeHond
Williamson, NY

Bill Ferris
William J. Ferris
La Plata, MD

Jim Fest
James R. Fest
San Antonio, TX

Geraldine Frick
Geraldine A. Frick
Tacoma, WA

John Furse
John B. Furse
Decatur, GA

Amy Goda
Amy M. Goda

Georgine Goodwin
Georgine Goodwin
San Jose, CA

Robert R. Gorry
Pallisades Park

Allan D. Grace
Russellville, AR

Maryanne E. Gray
Phila., PA

Clair Hall
El Paso, TX

Johnny Hagood
M. Johnson Hagood
Chapel Hill, NC

No Photo


John W. Henderson
Des Moines, IA

Larry Hoffman
Lawrence Hoffman
Lakewood, CO

Bill Howden
William E. Howden
Los Angeles, CA

Chuck Hurewitz
Phalen "Chuck" Hurewitz
Santa Barbara, CA

Eileen Jackson
Eileen K. Jackson
Honolulu, HI

Joan Jackson
Joan F. Jackson
San Francisco, CA

Bill Jones
William M. Jones
Ogden, UT

Dick Kidd
Richard G. Kidd
Starke, FL

Bai Chee Lee
Bai Chee Lee
Shanghai, China

Barbara Londell
Barbara T. Londell
Plainfield, NJ

Dick Mackintosh
Richard Mackintosh
Bethesda, MD

Ben Mandolado
Ben Mandolado
Manila, Philippines

Judy Martin
Judith A. Martin
Phoenix, AZ

Junior Masschelin
Adolph Masschelin
East Moline,IL

Claude Matchette
Claude R. Matchette
Greentown, IN

Mike Matson
Michael P. Matson
Helena, MT

Cynthia Mawhinney
Cynthia Mawhinney
Columbus, OH

Pat McInnes
Patricia A. McInnes
Freeport, NY

Gay Meadows
Sylvia Gay Meadows

San Antonio, TX

Ibby Metsker
Ibby Z. Metsker
Indianapolis, IN

Mickey Morgan
Mickey J. Morgan
Portland, OR

Ric Murphy
Richard J. Murphy
Long Island, NY

Bob Murphy
Robert J. Murphy
Santa Monica, CA

Pat Murray
Patricia A. Murray
Van Nuys, CA

Alex Napier
Alexander J. Napier
Long Beach, CA

Johnnie Sue Newman
Johnnie Sue Newman
Morrilton, AR

Anson O'Connor
Anson O'Connor
Uvalde, TX

John Palinsky
John A. Palinsky

Joe Pehoushek
Joseph W. Pehoushek
Minneapolis, MN

Patsy Pilcher
Patricia E. Pilcher
Cordele, GA

Ray Ramsey
Raymond R. Ramsey
Chattanooga, TN

Bill Roberts
William M. Roberts
Greenville, SC

Lois Schaefer
Lois M. Schaefer
Killeen, TX

Susan B. Schubert
Tucson, AZ

Uwe Scobel
Uwe Thorsten Scobel
Berlin, Germany
25 Mar 1964

Marie Serlick
Marie A. Serlick
Norfolk, VA

Ray Shirven
Ray M. Shirven
La Crosse, WI

Shelley Sturdy
Shelley J. Sturdy
Turlock, CA

Elsie Terwilliger
Elsingah M. Terwilliger
Washington, DC

Patricia A. Theiring
Portland, OR

Richard M. Thompson
Miami, FL

Dick Vanderhoof
Richard T. Vanderhoof
East Orange, NJ

Orvis Waldron
Orvis A. Waldron
Squire, WV

Georgine Winslett
Georgine Winslett
Spokane, WA

William Wong
William Y. W. Wong
Shanghai, China
~ 1980

Ann Yamada
Ann K. Yamada
Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Jim Zmudzinski
James J. Zmudzinski
Pittsburgh, PA

No Photo


Lloyd Daniel Bell
Petersburg, VA

No Photo


Harry Wm. Bright
New York, NY


No Photo


Tom McDonald
Baltimore, MD

No Photo


John L. Reber
Ambler, PA


Remember our Veterans

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(click on photo for larger view)

Meiji Park, Tokyo, swimming pool ca 1950


Songs from our youth (?)

Here are a few songs I've been able to find dating back to 1954. If anyone has others available, please send them to me and I'll post.

Some of these are ".mp3" others are "midi" format, either Real Audio or Windows Media Player will play both "midi" and ".mp3". Arrangement and quality is generally lousy .... but the songs are memorable. To download and save any of these, right click, then "Save Target As".

(click on each to play)

(You've got to try this)


Shina no yoru (long download)
Arirang (Korean Nat'l Anthem)
(long download)
Mr. Sandman
Endless Love
Secret Love
Shake Rattle & Roll
Sh Boom
Thats Amore
How Much Is That Doggie in the Window
Crying In The Chapel
Canadian Sunset
Unchained Melody


Roberta (Humphrey) Devore [NHS '56] and Joe Pehoushek [NHS '54]

at the San Juan Co., WA Fair Aug 16,2002


John Henderson [NHS '54] & Joe Pehoushek [NHS '54]

at Joe's house in Punta Gorda,FL. Jan 3,2003


Meguro Classmates at lunch Punta Gorda Country Club, FL Jan 9,2003
L to R: Bill Curtis (left Meguro 1951), Joe Pehoushek (Meguro '48-'52, NHS '52-'54),
Nancy Fish (Hawkins) (Meguro '48 - '53), Pat (George) O'Brien attended NHS until 1951, then Meguro in '51/'52, graduating 1952


Remember the old monument to Japan's First flight? Sits right outside where the back door to the Wash. Hts. Teen Age Club was.


The only old Washington Heights house left standing in 1981. It is located within a hundred feet of the wall surrounding Meiji Park. Does anyone have an old Wash Hts. directory to identify who lived in House #530 ? (After looking closely at an aerial photo showing house numbers, I've concluded this house, based on it's location, is really #258 . Numbers might have been changed as they demolished the houses.)



Here is a composite view of the area around Washington Heights, the old 40's - 50's era U.S. Military Dependent housing area. I've superimposed a 50's aerial photo on top of a modern day satellite image (courtesy of Google Earth). The old roads are traced in light blue. A rectangle on the left indicates where the teen-age club hangout was. A white "X" on the right indicates Harajuku station near the main entrance to Washington Heights. Shibuya station is off the bottom.

North is (roughly) to the left.

Click here to see a satellite image without the overlay.

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